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"Coimbra is a historic city and has several famous landmarks of interest to the visitor."juliedawnfox.com
"Coimbra is an interesting city just to stroll around."pegsontheline.com
"Coimbra is full of quirky little stories and discoveries."pegsontheline.com
"Coimbra is known as home to one of Europe's oldest universities, dating back to the 16th century, which is a key part of the town."twotravelingtexans.com
"Coimbra is a beautiful town in Central Portugal (Portugal in detail), famous for its University."marquestra.com
"Coimbra is beautiful and I love the way the students wear black Harry Potter style cloaks!"neverendingfootsteps.com

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About Coimbra

(Portugal) Coimbra has a population of over 143,396. Also Coimbra is known for historic relevant places. Lisbon is the nearest big city. Also it fits perfect for a cultural trip. Coimbra is located next to rivers. Also this town is in the center of Portugal.

Things to do

In all my years of blogging about Portugal (plan Portugal itineraries), I’ve neglected to tell you about the many things to do in Coimbra. This pretty riversi


15. See the ancient city aqueduct at Arcos de São Sebastião

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Coimbra is a pure delight to visit. There is honestly so much to see that will no doubt keep you busy for a couple of days. Here i

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I can divide the historic site into two parts – The Ruins & The Museum called the Museu Monográfico de Conímbriga. We first starte


What are the opening hours?

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Eat & drink

The charming city of Coimbra in Central Portugal (plan Portugal itineraries) has plenty to keep you occupied for at least a day or two so you’re going to need


Sete Restaurante

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I always recommend this to all who travel to cities, even if it is for a short while. No other better way to experience a city. Si

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If you are only visiting the ruins, then it is a good idea to grab some snacks at the cafeteria near the museum. We finished our t

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Baixa means low, or downtown, and in Coimbra’s case it’s both. This is the central hub of the old town, between the base of the hi

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For me this was the major attraction in Coimbra. This library is Coimbra’s greatest treasure. The grand opulence inside and stacks

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What really caught our attention though, and the primary reason we made the trip, was the Baroque Library ...

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The Joanine Library at the Coimbra University was constructed in 1717 and is a fine example of a Baroque style library. It consist

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Depois de entrar no edifício por uma porta lateral, a visita começou com a visualização de u

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. and are thinking about something different, you should consider it! It makes it easier to cook, relax and work if you need to g

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The narrow streets in Coimbra’s historic center are made of cobblestones – what I call river rock – and packed dirt. Just like in

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, a traditional house split into 3 tastefully renovated apartments. The generous welcome pack and friendly reception will get your


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