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"Evora is one of those places where you really might stumble across a hidden nope I can't say it, but you get my drift."buzztrips.co.uk
"Evora is often thought of as a day trip from Lisbon."albomadventures.com
"Evora: If you love history and architecture, then head to Evora and while you are here, don't forget to visit the Chapel of Bones."travelbooksfood.com
"Evora is one of the touristic highlights of Portugal due mostly to its Roman history."gomadnomad.com
"Evora is also a very safe city in general, and I had no concerns walking around by myself at night, exploring the pretty streets."talesofabackpacker.com
"Evora is a fantastic spot for food lovers and is known for its comforting Alentejo cuisine."marquestra.com

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Beja Airport (BYJ)

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(Portugal) Evora has 56,596 people. Further Evora is located in west Portugal. The nearest city is Lisbon (plan Lisbon itineraries). Further there you find many historic places.

Things to do

Could Alentejo be the next Tuscany? Base yourself in Evora and find out for yourself. Be prepared to fall in love with this unique


Praça do Giraldo

Rota dos Vinhos do Alentejo

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While the intrigue of a chapel of bones lures many to Evora, this old city has plenty to offer. We found 30 fascinating things to


Things to do in Evora: Giraldo Square

Things to do just outside the city

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When booking your ticket you can also choose your seats. We recommend taking seat 1and 2 if they are available, as they have more

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Eat & drink

OK, admittedly we only know one. We went there on our first visit, loved it so much, we booked a table and went there on our second visit too. ...

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Probably my favourite restaurant in Evora is Taberna Típica Quarta Feira. 3 generations of the same family work tirelessly to prod

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When I added Évora to my Iberian itinerary, I didn’t have many expectations. I heard it was a lovely town, but my main goal was to


17 thoughts on “Évora: The Unexpected Beauty of Portugal”

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Considered by many to be one of the most timeless cities in Portugal (plan Portugal itineraries), The UNESCO World Heritage city of Evora is rich with history

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While breakfast was nothing to write home about, the hallways and sitting rooms had stories to tell. ...

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. gives you the opportunity to stay in one of the old cells of the Loios monks. The hotel retains many original and historical fe


Unique 4-Star hotels in Evora

Comfortable 3-Star hotels in Evora

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While there are many Evora hotels to choose from, we opted to stay at a former renaissance palace called Hotel Solar de Monfalim.

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We would have loved to stay longer than a day trip to Evora Portugal (plan Portugal itineraries). It’s a beautiful city full of amazing sites, stories, and am

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