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"Funchal is a laid-back city with a great community of friendly locals, who look forward to teaching travellers about the Madeiran way of life."youcouldtravel.com
"Funchal is the capital of Madeira and it's the place to visit if you want to understand a bit more about how the locals live like."youcouldtravel.com
"Funchal is one place you definitely have to see."fullsuitcase.com
"Funchal is tempting as a cozy, nice old town."birdontrack.com
"Funchal is the largest city and the capital of Portugal's Autonomous Region of Madeira."hollydayz.com
"Funchal is Madeira's beating heart, where most travellers base themselves when visiting this beautiful archipelago cast adrift in the Atlantic Ocean."gottakeepmovin.com

Madeira Island tourist information with prices

Awesome website to get information about nearly everything in whole Madeira. With many different tours, like boat tours or the popular Levada Walks

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Madeira Airport (FNC)

Porto Santo Airport (PXO)

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(Portugal (see itineraries)) Funchal has over 111,892 people living there. Further Funchal fits perfect for a cultural trip. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the nearest big city. Further you will find a lot of nature in Funchal. This town is located in southeast Portugal. And it is located by the sea and so it is possible adore the beautiful beaches at Funchal.

Things to do

Who would have thought there were so many things to do in Madeira Portugal (plan Portugal itineraries). We spent 2 weeks on Madeira Island and we still did no


Downtown Funchal

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Find out what are the top things to do in Madeira, one of the most impressive islands in Europe Wondering what are the top things


Things to do in Madeira

See the incredible Ponta do Pargo

Hike the Levada do Cadeirão Verde

See the fantastic Porto Moniz

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Here are 40 of my favourite things to do in Funchal, Madeira. I’ve been there enough times now that I feel I can give plenty of ti


Other things to do in Funchal…

26. See the traditional Madeiran houses

10. Visit the market, Mercado dos Lavradores

6. Do a day trip to Curral das Freiras

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Eat & drink

You probably won’t have got to Madeira for lunch time, so your first nibble will be your evening meal. ...

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The drink to try in Madeira is poncha, a traditional alcoholic drink made with aguardente de cana, sugar, and lemon juice. ...

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There are many restaurants in Funchal to choose from, you may want to make your choice from the following list with reviews by oth

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Worth to visit

This green Atlantic garden and one of the highest volcanoes in the world is definitely worth visiting! Madeira is not without reas

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Book your whale watching tour in advance. There are so many boat trip possibilities in Funchal that the choice can get overwhelmin

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Madeira is a small island, and Funchal is a rather small city. There are no trains, no trams, no metro, and unfortunately no Uber

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There are over 300 discounts for different activities, tours and restaurants. The discounts range from 10% to 25 % and the card is

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If you’re spending a week in Madeira, there are so many things you can do on the island that it can be a nightmare picking which o

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The order of activities listed in this agenda is provided for guidance only, your final and detailed itinerary will be provided ei

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On each of our holidays you will see a clear outline of exactly what's included in the price of your holiday. We never use 'headli

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In July 1419 two Portuguese explorers Zarco and Vaz, on the orders of Prince Henry the Navigator, were sent to chart the West Coas

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, and is very varied for such a small landmass, it’s important to pick the right base so that you can make the most of your time.


5 star hotels in Funchal

Why stay in Machico

Hotels in Madeira – Porto Moniz

Hotels in Madeira – Ponta do Sol

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As you’ve only got 4 days in Madeira, you’re best staying within Funchal. It’ll be more convenient for taxis to the airport and fo

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There are many hotels to choose from throughout the capital of Funchal. To help you decide we have included the review of the top

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