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Nazare Municipality is a village in the country Portugal (more about Portugal) with a population of 15,158. Furthermore, the nearest neighbour city is Lisbon. Adore the wonderful views over the sea at Nazare Municipality. Furthermore, this village is located in center Portugal.

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Select Page PORTUGAL DAY TRIP: NAZARE, THE PLACE TO SURF AND SEE WAVES The popular fishing and surfing town of Nazare on Portugal (plan Portugal itineraries)

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Nazaré town in Portugal (plan Portugal itineraries) has become world-famous for the giant waves that hit its coast every winter from October to February and a


Nazaré town in Portugal

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Eat & drink

By the time we explored O Sitio, it was time for dinner. We found a little restaurant with a beautiful view overlooking the bay (a

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Worth to visit

Nazaré may not have any major landmarks or famous tourist sights, but the combination of the scenery, the beach, and local traditi

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As with visiting anywhere in Portugal (plan Portugal itineraries), you really need comfy walking shoes. There are uneven cobblestoned streets everywhere. We n

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Nazaré is located 15min drive from Alcobaça monastery, 30 min drive from Batalha, 1,5hrs from Lisbon and 2hrs driving time from Porto. ...

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We spent the night at Hotel Mare, just up the road from the beach. As far as a hotel went, there weren’t many frills. The room was

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There are hotels and accommodation to suit all budgets. If you are planning to visit during the busy summer months or when a signi

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