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"Tavira is perfect for those who are interested in culture and a more tranquil holiday."paulinaontheroad.com
"Tavira is considered the most picturesque beach town in the Algarve."theyogiwanderer.com
"Tavira is big enough that there is an abundance of restaurants to choose from with a large variety of food types."paulinaontheroad.com
"Tavira is famous for its tuna and octopus, as well as for its clams and oysters."theyogiwanderer.com
"Tavira is a gem on the Algarve Coast of Portugal (more about Portugal)."arzotravels.com
"Tavira is also known for its tuna and octopus, which are the basis of many traditional local dishes worth trying, like estupeta de atum and salada de polvo."marquestra.com

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About Tavira

At Tavirain Portugal (Portugal in detail) live 26,167 people. Furthermore, the nearest big city is Cadiz. It is located by the sea. Furthermore, Tavira is in the west of Portugal. It is located next to lakes. Furthermore, there is a lot of nature in Tavira.

Things to do

Looking for the best things to do in Tavira, Portugal (plan Portugal itineraries)? This list of what to do in Tavira covers all the top attractions in and aro

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Aerial shot of Tavira and the Gilão River in the Eastern Algarve, Portugal Tacky tourist traps make me want to run screaming back


1. See Tavira through the camera obscura

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Eat & drink

It was a short drive to Tavira. There is a small port that could take us out to the Ilha de Tavira. Since the weather was still th

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If you’re looking for a typical restaurant with top food and an authentic local flair in Cabanas de Tavira, Restaurante Ideal is t

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Pack a dedicated regional guide book and map to help you make the most out of your time in the Algarve. ...

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We liked Tavira because it still retained its charm. The town had yet to be ruined with randomly built ugly looking apartment bloc

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There’s plenty of accommodation to choose from to suit all budgets. We stayed at the friendly three-star hotel Residencial Mares l

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