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"Bucharest is full of character and has such a fascinating history."hoppingfeet.com
"Bucharest (see itineraries) is one of the best places in Romania for culture, nightlife, and history."chasingthedonkey.com
"Bucharest (visit Bucharest itineraries) is a fantastic walking city, and along with the history and new vs."luggageandlipstick.com
"Bucharest is a party city with an interesting history and crazy traffic."outofoffice.blog
"Bucharest (more about Bucharest) is a city with history; a city rebuilding itself from its tumultuous past-in short; it is a city with soul."runawaybrit.com
"Bucharest is fab, but off the beaten path is where you get to know the real Romanian culture, unspoilt by external influences."broganabroad.com

South Romania

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Bneasa International Airport (BBU)

About Bucharest

Bucharest is a big city (Romania) with a population of 1,877,155. And also, Bucharest is in south Romania. Bucharest is the capital of Romania. And also, Bucharest is well known for the outstanding nightlife. Bucharest fits perfect for a cultural trip. And also, Bucharest (more about Bucharest) gives you the possibility to relax next toby a lake.

Things to do

Things To See and Do in Bucharest

I’ve been well and truly bitten by the travel bug this year! I love going on city breaks, so when I found the stunning Therme Spa

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Things to do in Bucharest

What is the first thought that comes to mind when you imagine things to do in Bucharest? Movies certainly portray the Romanian cap


Things to do in Bucharest - Lovely tea houses

Things to do in Bucharest - Cool Cafés

Things to do in Bucharest - Awesome Bars

Things to do in Bucharest - Delicious Restaurants

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Things To Do In Bucharest

. and the country’s center of culture, finance, art and industry, Bucharest (see itineraries) is the beating heart of Romania . Many imposing build


10 Best Things To Do In Bucharest

Old Town Bucharest

Romania Travel Blog: Things To Do In Bucharest

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Eat & drink

What to eatin Bucharest, Romania

. positively surprised me when I was there. They have quite a few hip, healthy and vegetarian friendly food spots in the capital

annetravelfoodie.com > Bucharest Foo

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Restaurants in Bucharest

There are hundreds of restaurants in Bucharest which serve local and international dishes. The streets of the Old Town are jam-pac


5. Food Hood Bucuresti

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Bucharest and earthquakes

Shaken up by an earthquake in 1977, Bucharest is considered to be one of the cities more at seismic risk. Going around the city an


What and where to eat in Bucharest

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Worth to visit

Why Bucharest?

This gathering of top bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers, Snapchatters and travel influencers was the largest project promoting Buc

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Why Bucharest

Bucharest is quickly becoming a top tourist destination in Europe. As the sixth-largest city in the EU (soon to be 5th after Londo

skyetravels.com > Experience Buchares

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Is Bucharest Worth It?

I have been to Bucharest as a kid and had vague memories of this big city with wide boulevards and huge communist-style buildings.

fullsuitcase.com > Highlights Buchares

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5 things you should know before going on a press trip

Hello5 things you should know before going on a press trip to avoid disappointment Going on your first press trip? You must be exc

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Bucharest: 11 reasons why the Romanian capital should be your next city break

Bucharest doesn’t feature on must-visit lists the way long-time city break favourites like Paris or Rome do. Bucharest's Roman Ath


7 thoughts on “Bucharest: 11 reasons why the Romanian capital should be your next city break”

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Experience Bucharest: Exceeding All Expectations

Amazing tours of Bucharest Romania that will show you everything about the city's best food, wine, coffee, attractions, and the th

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Top Hidden Gems of Bucharest: 2-Day Itinerary

Bucharest is not a typical tourist destination, but it has a range of great attractions, as well as hidden gems that you need to v

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The Ultimate 6 Day Bucharest and Brasov Itinerary

The Ultimate 6 Day Bucharest & Brasov Itinerary - Why You Should Travel To Romania (plan Romania itineraries) - Traveling In Romania (Romania itineraries) Is Affordable , sprawl


The Ultimate 6 Day Bucharest & Brasov Itinerary

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3 Days in Bucharest: The Perfect Bucharest Itinerary

And while it is both those things, Bucharest is so much more than that. Beautiful, complex, and loaded with culture, it’s a city


The Perfect 3-Day Bucharest Itinerary

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Accommodation in Bucharest Is Not Expensive

This time in Bucharest we stayed with our friends. But there are plenty of affordable hotels and hostels around central part of Bu

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Romanian Food Prices

If you prefer to cook at home, you can buy your products from the supermarket. But my suggestion is to visit the local market. In

lifepart2.com > Cost Of Living In Romani

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Best Hotels Bucharest Romania

Our core mission when finding you the best hotels in Bucharest Romania: The heart of Bucharest is historic and full of bars. Low r

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The best hotels in Bucharest, Romania

. and amazing nightlife, Bucharest (plan Bucharest itineraries) guarantees that you won’t be spending too much time in your hotel room. Do you want to be in a


Which of the best hotels in Bucharest will you try first?

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Where to Stay in Bucharest, Romania: Hostels & Hotels for Any Budget

If you are wondering where to stay in Bucharest – you certainly aren’t alone! Finding the best part of Bucharest to stay in depend


Where to Stay in Bucharest: Featured Hostels & Hotels

Mid-Range Hotels in Bucharest

Luxury Hotels in Bucharest

Amazing Hostels in Bucharest

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