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"Sibiu is one of the smaller cities in Transylvania."alwayswanderlust.com
"Sibiu is home to an outdoor village museum called Astra."whereintheworldisnina.com
"Sibiu is one of the most picturesque cities in Romania which enjoyed a prosperous and relatively unscathed history."kevinstraveldiary.com
"Sibiu is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania (Romania in detail)."alwayswanderlust.com
"Sibiu is one of the gateways to the castles in the nearby region."worldofwanderlust.com
"Sibiu is a shining example of Transylvanian architecture and history, boasting an impressive historical old town."travelsewhere.net

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Sibiu is a town (Romania (see itineraries)) with a population of 151,894. In addition, the nearest big city of Sibiu is Hunedoara. It fits perfect for a cultural trip. In addition, this town is located in center Romania.

Things to do

High on my bucket list – but never achievable – was the country of Romania (plan Romania itineraries). While living in Bulgaria , I tried to make it to Romania (plan Romania itineraries). You’d be surprise how difficult it is getting between the capital cities of Sofia and Bucharest (Bucharest itineraries)! Thus, when I saw tickets for less than 100 Euros round trip (for both me and ..

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No visit to Transylvania would be complete without seeing the beautiful city of Sibiu. Located in the Southern part of Transylvania, Romania (plan Romania itineraries) , Sibiu has one of the most authentic and perfectly preserved historic centers. There are quite a few historical attractions and things to do in Sibiu.

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Best Hotels In , Sibiu, Romania (Romania itineraries) - Roman Catholic Church and old town in Sibiu Best Hotels In , Sibiu, Romania - Roman Catholic Church and old town in Sibiu ...

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There are many things to do in this small city that reaches from culture and history to a visit in Nature or a stroll around the open-air museum and zoo. The city is also holding a lot of festivals and different events, so I recommend to download the Sibiu City App , so you do not miss out on any of the events.

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Eat & drink

The food and drink in Sibiu is fantastic. Wherever we went the quality was high and the prices were low. ...

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The food and drink in Sibiu is fantastic. Wherever we went the quality was high and the prices were low. ...

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The food is another contributing factor to why Sibiu is our favorite city in Romania (visit Romania itineraries). Two of our favorite Romania (see itineraries)n meals came from restaurants in Sibiu. They also had some amazing street food and the best covrigi! ...

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There is a big range of restaurants, pubs and cafés in the historic center of Sibiu where you can enjoy some of the best Romanian dishes . One of the most famous restaurants in the Old Town is Crama Sibiul Vechi, that serves excellent traditional food at very good ...

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There are lots of fun activities you can do and the atmosphere is incredible. The wooden houses, the beautiful projections, the skating rink, the big wheel, everything is well-thought and organized. ...

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Here is a detailed list of the best hotels in Sibiu, Romania, for you. We’ve covered all the bases from luxurious 5-star Sibiu hotels, all the way down to the more budget-friendly. ...

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Sibiu is not very big so even if you stay a bit outside of the city center it is walkable and easy to get to the historic part of the city. I do recommend staying in the city center however and leave your car in front of the Gong Theatre. There are a lot of guest houses, a hostel, and Airbnbs in the city.

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. and friendliness. They will go a long way to please you and make you feel at home. Like many other cities in Transylvania, Sibiu is not short of great accommodations, ranging from hotels, hostels, to inns and bed and breakfasts. Rooms are clean and nicely furnished and ..

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Finding accommodation during the Christmas Market can be challenging. I suggest booking your hotel at least a few weeks in advance. I’ve been searching for the best hotels in Sibiu, for every budget, and below are my recommendations. ...

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