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"Irkutsk is the city, from which most of people start their trips to lake Baikal."wearefromlatvia.com
"Irkutsk is at the far East of Russia (plan Russia itineraries), closer to Mongolia (plan Mongolia itineraries) and China than to Moscow (see itineraries)."wearefromlatvia.com
"Irkutsk is arguably Siberia's most beautiful city."happyfrogtravels.com
"Irkutsk is the perfect gateway to Lake Baikal, only an hour's drive or ferry ride away."thisbatteredsuitcase.com
"Irkutsk is the main town in the area around lake Baikal."thinkingnomads.com
"Irkutsk is a pleasant place to stay: there are few attractions, which also allows to take it easy and relax."thinkingnomads.com

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(Russia) Irkutsk has over 620,100 people. Furthermore, Irkutsk is located in the west of Russia. It offers you the possibility to relax next toby a lake. Furthermore, it is great for a cultural trip. The nearest neighbour city is Krasnoyarsk.

Things to do

Lake Baikal: 20 Popular Places & Destinations to Visit

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Russia among the foreigners

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Eat & drink

Breakfast at Gallina’s

All hosts organize transport to and accommodation on the island of Olkhon if you have time to go there, which I would strongly recommend. ...

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Why you should visit Irkutsk, Siberia

These tiny, compact stores line every major street in Irkutsk. Everything that's for sale is on display behind a thick wall of gla

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The Perfect Irkutsk And Lake Baikal Itinerary

. and despite visiting St. Petersburg and Moscow as well, Irkutsk was actually my favorite Russia (plan Russia itineraries)n city! In this guide I’ll share

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Hotels in Irkutsk

Irkutsk occupies a relatively large area. Nevertheless, most attractions are in the historical center. We stayed in the 130 Kvarta

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Hoteles en Irkutsk

La ciudad ocupa un área relativamente grande. No obstante, casi todas las atracciones están en el centro histórico. Nos alojamos e

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Kupechesky Dvor hotel

We stayed at the beautiful Kupechesky Dvor hotel, a unique reconstructed Siberian manor. We loved our stay here, it’s a beautiful

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