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"Kazan (visit Kazan itineraries) is arguably Russia's nicest big city and its most."happyfrogtravels.com
"Kazan (see itineraries) is probably the third most popular tourist city in Russia, after Moscow and St."russianblogger.me
"Kazan (Kazan in detail) is arguably Russia's most multicultural city, and quite as nothing you have ever seen before."happyfrogtravels.com
"Kazan is located in the Tatarstan republic of Russia which was originally Muslim."russianblogger.me
"Kazan is arguably Russia (more about Russia)'s nicest big city and its most multicultural one."happyfrogtravels.com
"Kazan is right by the Volga river with a large mosque and classic cathedral."amateurtraveler.com

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Kazan is a village in the country Russia with a population of 1,550. Further this village is in the center of Russia. Kazan fits perfect for a cultural trip. Further Kazan offers you the possibility to relax next toby a lake.

Things to do

While the city’s top sights are located inside the kremlin, there are several other places around town that are worth visiting. ...

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Eat & drink

Did you know that Moscow (more about Moscow) is not the only Russian city with a kremlin? In fact, there are dozens of kremlins in Russia in varying states of preservation, and the Kazan (Kazan in detail) Kremlin is among the best of them. In some ways, the Kazan Kremlin makes an even more enjoyable visit than the Moscow (more about Moscow) Kremlin, and ..


Where to Eat in Kazan

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Restaurant Hemingway – upscale restaurant located in the Bauman Street area. Excellent service and authentic Mediterranean cuisine. ...

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Frequently cited as the best hotel in Kazan (see itineraries), the Ramada Kazan City Center is located near some trendy restaurants and just two blocks away from TSUM Department Store. Rooms are spacious and the breakfast has relatively good variety for its price. ...

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When I visited Kazan, I stayed at the Moskovskaya branch of the Berison Hotel. It's well-located and within walking distance of the train station and the kremlin. This hotel offers three different kinds of rooms, with different levels of comfort and prices to ...

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Am besten sind Hotels in der Nähe der Bauman Strasse oder am Nordufer des Kazanka Flusses. Von dort erreicht man die Sehenswürdigkeiten von Kasan am besten. Buche hier Dein Hotel in Kasan- ...

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