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St. Petersburg is maybe the most beautiful city in Russia. St. Petersburg fits perfect for a cultural trip and it is well known for the outstanding nightlife. St. Petersburg is located in northeast Russia. In St. Petersburg you find many historic relevant places.

Things to do

St Petersburg offers so many different attractions for different people. There are almost too many things for you to do here. If y

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There’s a charm about St. Petersburg that I’ve always found difficult to put into words. The small-town feel to a city that is, in

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One of the absolute highlights of my recent Scandinavia and Russia (plan Russia itineraries) cruise on board the Regal Princess was spending two days in St


10 Things to do in St Petersburg

Discover Russian Cuisine

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Eat & drink

As part-time residents of St. Pete, my husband and I have had the opportunity to check out the best St. Here are eight of our favo

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I delayed writing this guide to Russian food for the longest time. I knew it would be a monster of an article. As a Russian, I kno

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When people think of the Hermitage they actually mean the iconic Winter Palace built by Empress Catherine the Great on the banks o

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Worth to visit

Hype and media frenzy formed my preconceptions about Russia. Although I have never yet found a country’s politics an accurate repr

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Currency in Russia: Russian ruble. The exchange rate as of April 2020: $1 = 73 Rub, 1 EUR = 80 Rub , £1 = 92 Rub. Make sure to che


SIM card:

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There are few cities in the world that go beyond the quintessential skyscrapers and fancy lights to adopt a character that defines

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Any experienced traveler will confirm: finding the perfect city hotel is close to impossible. I guess it boils down to the very fa


Four Seasons Lion Palace

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This mammoth 3 days in St Petersburg itineraryhas taken me ages to write up. But it’s been so worth i

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If you’re about to give your contribution to these stats and pay this wonderful city a visit, then I recommend that you start work

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St. Petersburg is the second biggest city in Russia with about 5 million inhabitants. It was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great an

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Hi guys, in this post I’m going to tell you how much money you need to travel in Russia. How expensive is Russia? I’m going to cov

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There is something magical about Russia in winter. I honestly doubt that there is a more extravagant, lavish and enchanting countr

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It depends whether you’re backpacking in Russia or you plan a luxury trip but you need to keep in mind the following costs while o

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Are you going on a trip to the city with the canals and bridges, pastel-coloured palaces and cathedrals with onion shaped domes? A

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Combine two of your favorite passions – amazing artwork, and plush hotels! The Rachmaninov Art Hotel is one of the best-themed hot

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Park Inn is owned by Radisson in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. It’s a business hotel chain but one of the better ones in St. Pet

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