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The itinerary brings you at the beginning to Rwanda. DR Congo are the next countries. The focus is mainly on not so famous cities.
The climate is warm. During your travel you have to speak Kinyarwanda and Swahili. English should be enough for communication everywhere. You will need Rwanda Franc and Congolese Frank during this route.
This itinerary brings you through Rwanda, Eastern Africa, and it is a roundtrip from Mwanza.
Many cities are warm in December. During your travel you have to speak Kinyarwanda. English should be enough for communication everywhere. As a
Tanzania (more about Tanzania itineraries) citizen you use electronic with power sockets of the type D/G. For the journey you need: C / J.

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Things to do

Let me start this Rwanda travel blog by saying that my trip to the country of the thousand hills was my best travel ever. If you a


Things to do in Rwanda – Safari in Akagera national Park

What to do at Nyungwe National Park

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I’d struggled to imagine what Rwanda must be like before going there myself. I’d seen the movie, Hotel Rwanda (which was loosely b

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Rwanda is a country of rolling, grassy hills that does not allow the use of single-use plastic. It’s very protective of its enviro

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Eat & drink

Storytelling was only about the family Where the children are right now, about the Florien garden which is more like a botanical g

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Let’s just say Kim was in no hurry to buy a Rwandan recipe book after our trip. ...


✓ Pro: Great Coffee

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The World Bank has ranked Rwanda as the 8th easiest country in the world to start a business. ...

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Once at the Benaco bus station you can use a toilet located at the back or grab food or drinks from the stalls. Then you need to t


What to expect at Rusumo

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The Land of a Thousand Hills, with endless expansive lush mountains and diverse natural beauty lies with in the great lakes region

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This post on Rwanda travel tips is one of four Unconventional Route blog posts about Rwanda. The others are Rwanda’s pros and cons


2 thoughts on “Rwanda Travel Tips: Dos and Don’ts to Know Before You Go”

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Rwanda is known as a fantastic destination for gorilla tracking but there are also plenty of other things to do in Rwanda. The cos

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Why add each of the following areas to your Rwanda itinerary, why not, and what to do, eat, and see at each. ...

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Before your gorilla trek begins your guide will ask what level of hike you would like – easy, medium or hard. Based on your answer

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Gorilla permits do not come cheaply. Since May 2017, the Rwanda gorilla Permits cost US$1500 per person. There are many tour opera

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, gorilla tracking rules and regulations, intensity of gorilla tracking hikes in each destination, quality of accommodation facili

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Ultimately, the deciding factor between gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo is the priceof the permit

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Welcome to East Africa famously known for the high concentration of wildlife, birds, culture and primates. If you are planning to

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. the night prior to the hike, and the evening following the hike (though you will finish your hike early enough to travel onward


Staying in Kinigi:

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I stayed one night at this Kigali institution that has been hosting visitors since 1973. The name of the hotel translates as of 10

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