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Summary: Wondering about the best things to do in San Marino? This guide is packed with things to see and places to visit in this

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Keeping hordes of tourists away from almost secret locations means they stand a greater chance of never being overrun, to the poin

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San Marino is the smallest republic in the world but it punches well above its weight when it comes to castles, quirk and epic vie

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Eat & drink

The city of San Marino, the capital of the Republic of San Marino is so small that most of the world doesn’t know it exists. When

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Whether it’s coffee or cocktails, nearly every restaurant and little cafe has an incredible view. And you can find everything from

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For a small city, there are plenty of opportunities to eat, stop for a refreshment or enjoy an aperitif as the sun goes down. Give


Restaurant Righi

Restaurant Righi – Osteria

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Worth to visit

Yes, yes, yes! It's one of the most interesting places I've visited in EuropeHowever, I imagine that a

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San Marino is a dwarf state. This mean it’s a country with a very small surface. With its 61 square meters, it is the 3rd smallest


Museum of the Agricultural Culture

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Stay with a local on a homestay for a cultural experience. Visit the museums or take part in one of San Marino’s festivals. Find out more ...

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Below you can find some tips and practical information for planning your trip to San Marino. How to get to San Marino, where to ea


San Marino exceeded all my expectations!

San Marino Cooking Class & Museum of the Agricultural Culture

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If you want to stay in San Marino and explore after dark, here are some suggestions: ...

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My favorite part? The amazing view from my balcony, although the jacuzzi also looked very enticing. ...

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Hotels in San Marino are very affordably priced, typically under $100 a night. Though, there might be an increase in prices during


Hotel La Grotta

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