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"Durness is known for two things - Smoo cave and Chocolate Mountain."twoscotsabroad.com
"Durness is home to Smoo Cave and Sango Sands campsite."twoscotsabroad.com
"Durness is also home to the incredible Smoo Cave, a sea cave carved out of the limestone cliffs by centuries of high tides."funkyellastravel.com
"Durness is a very small area in the north-west however it is a good base for Cape Wrath boat trips and visits to Smoo Cave."twoscotsabroad.com

Middle Scotland

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Durness is a village. In addition, Durness is a very green city. The nearest city of Durness is Glasgow. In addition, enjoy the beautiful views over the sea at Durness. Durness is located in north Scotland (more about Scotland itineraries). In addition, it offers you the possibility to relax next toby a lake.

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This remote north-west corner of Scotland, including Durness, was one of our favourites on the whole trip. It’s difficult to describe the sparseness of the landscape here. There’s nothing, nobody. A few small smatterings of croft cottages and fishing boats dot the highland terrain and coast.

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Eat & drink

Sango Sands Oasis Restaurant & Bar is a very useful addition to the Caravan and Campsite. The staff were incredibly friendly and let us charge our electronics with just about every socket going. Good quality food at incredibly fair prices, and ..


Sango Sands Oasis Restaurant & Bar

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Nonetheless, they have a good beer selection as well as a range of gins and the fun staff are pretty relaxed about the closing time. Unless you’re an obnoxious, drunk Australian. Then you just ruin the fun for everybody and they shut up shop pretty quick. ...

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