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"Edinburgh is a city where the architecture comes alive and tells a story."petiteadventures.org
"Edinburgh is a foodie city and there are lots of great places to eat in Edinburgh."luxurycolumnist.com
"Edinburgh (plan Edinburgh itineraries) is a tourist's paradise filled with restaurants, historic landmarks and breathtaking scenery."theluxuryeditor.com
"Edinburgh is one of the best cities in Europe to take your kids."earthtrekkers.com
"Edinburgh is a city with a long and eventful history."ouroyster.com
"Edinburgh (Edinburgh itineraries) is surrounded by seven hills, so you don't need to go too far to find a great view out over the city."ontheluce.com

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Edinburgh Airport (EDI)

Dundee Airport (DND)

Perth Airport, Scotland (PSL)

About Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a town with over 88,610 people. Besides it fits perfect for a cultural trip. There you find many historic places. Besides Edinburgh (plan Edinburgh itineraries) is in center Scotland. Edinburgh is well known for the outstanding nightlife. Besides Edinburgh (plan Edinburgh itineraries) gives you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a lake. Enjoy the beautiful views over the sea at Edinburgh (Edinburgh itineraries).

Things to do

I’ve wanted to visit the city of Edinburgh (plan Edinburgh itineraries) for as long as I can remember. When the opportunity arose to spend 2 days in Edinburgh (more about Edinburgh itineraries)


things to do in Edinburgh

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Wondering what to see in Edinburgh, Scotland (plan Scotland itineraries)? Here are 12 places and things not to miss! I feel Edinburgh is one of those cities t


Other Things to See in Edinburgh

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Next to some of the popular cities spread around England and Ireland, the capital of Scotland can sometimes be overlooked. Edinbur

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Eat & drink

First off, let me start out by saying that I was pleasantly surprised by the food in Edinburgh. I was expecting to see a lot of ha


Coro The Chocolate Cafe

Fortitude Coffee

Howies Restaurant

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My second home. Their main location is in Edinburgh’s new town. Last year they took over the premises originally occupied by Black


Castello Coffee

Cafe Class

MUM’s Great Comfort Food

City Restaurant

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You could use this guide for Where to Eat and Drink in Edinburgh pretty much all year round but I gleaned all the information here

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Worth to visit

I adore Edinburgh so I’m going to say and unequivocal YES! It’s cold, the days are short and it can rain a lot, but there’s so muc

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The cobblestone streets, historic old stone buildings, weathered pubs and nighttime revelry that goes on in Edinburgh (see itineraries), Scotland ,

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Planning a trip to Edinburgh in winter? You’ll have a chance to visit Edinburgh Christmas Market. In this post, I would like to sh

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It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with the Scottish capital. There’s something incredibly captivating about Edinburgh. In

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. series rolls on today with a look at my favorite place in the whole world and a destination you are sure to visit upon your tri

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So you want to explore the Scottish Highlands but don’t know where to start? Starting and ending in Edinburgh you can easily catch

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Edinburgh (Edinburgh itineraries) is the capitol of Scotland (plan Scotland itineraries) and the second most populated city in the country. When planning a trip to Scotland (more about Scotland itineraries), Edinburg


Edinburgh Itinerary

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After living in Korea on and off for almost 3 years, it’s safe to say that I was excited to come back to Scotland (plan Scotland itineraries). Friends, family

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Stay – As in almost every city, you’ll find the cheapest form of accommodation being youth hostels a night, but often there are de

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A trip to Edinburgh doesn’t have to break the bank. Keep your eyes out for cheap flights through budget airlines for a start, from

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Never far from the history that permeates the city, Edinburgh is split into 32 small neighbourhoods but the main focus is on the c


Where to Stay in Stockbridge

Where to Stay in Leith

Why stay in Stockbridge

Kimpton Charlotte Square Hotel

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Most visitors to Edinburgh will want to stay within a convenient walking distance to the Royal Mile . Edinburgh’s Royal Mile exten

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There’s so much to discover in Scotland (plan Scotland itineraries)’s much-loved capital. From the rolling hills and breath-taking castles to quaint old-schoo

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