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"Inverness is around a three hour drive from Edinburgh by road, or around a four hour direct bus ride."findingtheuniverse.com
"Inverness is one of the key locations in Outlander, however it wasn't used as a filming location."thechaoticscot.com
"Inverness is the ideal place to stay for this Scotland (Scotland in detail) road trip itinerary."albomadventures.com
"Inverness is an historic city near Loch Ness and is the gateway to the North Highlands."funkyellastravel.com
"Inverness is another option to fly into from as well."travelbooksfood.com
"Inverness is the perfect city to start your road trip around Northern Scotland."theplanetd.com

Middle Scotland

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About Inverness

in the country Scotland Inverness has a population of 46,870. And also, the nearest city of Inverness is Glasgow. It offers you the possibility to relax next toby a river. And also, Inverness is located in center Scotland. Inverness fits perfect for a cultural trip.

Things to do

, where I’m going to speak about experiential travel and social media for business at a conference. I’ve flown into Inverness and


Things to Do in Inverness

Things to Do in Inverness and Beyond

9. Inverness Town House

10. Victoria Market

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As you may expect, there is a ton of things to do here and a lot going on to fill your time with. So we have made a comprehensive


Final thoughts on the best things to do in Inverness

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Inverness is city that feels more like a market town, set beside the River Ness, and gateway to the Scottish Highlands. I visited

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Eat & drink

However, there are plenty of options from luxury to penny-pinching budget if you are organised and this North Coast accommodation


North Coast 500 Bed and Breakfast

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We only made the trip to Brodie Castle because it was relatively close and as we had purchased a short term National Trust of Scot

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Inverness Castle isn’t actually open to the public, apart from one tower that you can climb for a view over the city. There is a s

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In April 1746, the battle lines were drawn at Culloden between the Jacobite forces of Charles Edward Stuart and the Redcoat army o


Visitor Information for Inverness

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The North Coast 500 is the most popular road trip in Scotland (plan Scotland itineraries) and we’ve put together a comprehensive 1 week North Coast 500 itiner


1 Week North Coast 500 Itinerary Map

7 Day North Coast 500 Itinerary

Day 4 of North Coast 500 Itinerary: Tongue to Lochinver

Day 1 of North Coast 500 Itinerary: Inverness to Dornoch

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I recently took an incredible road trip driving around the Outer Hebrides in North West Scotland (plan Scotland itineraries). This got me thinking about the r

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As the capital of the Scottish Highlands, Inverness is a compact city that’s punches above its weight with places to stay, eat and

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If you are looking for alternative accommodation in Inverness, perhaps something a little different or more unique than your typic

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Looking for a specific place to stay? These are our highest recommendations for places to stay in Inverness. ...


Inverness 7 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in

Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Inverness?

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Maybe there was something to that after all. We had been in Scotland (plan Scotland itineraries) for only a week or so and already we could understand everyth

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