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"Mull is also known for its diverse and rare wildlife."travel-monkey.com
"Mull is also an all time favourite, and so is Bute - great hiking there!"travel-monkey.com
"Mull is accessible for a wee island taster in just one day."thechaoticscot.com
"Mull is my grandmother's birthplace but I have never been there!"traveling-savage.com
"Mull is also a popular cycling destination, so bringing your bike across can be a great alternative!"travelettes.net
"Mull is also the gateway to further island exploration; Iona, Staffa and Ulva are all within easy reach."thechaoticscot.com

West Scotland

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2-3 nights


Moderate (4 of 5)

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Tiree Airport (TRE)

Coll Airport (COL)

Colonsay Airport (CSA)

Oban Airport (OBN)

About Mull

Mull is a village. Furthermore, this village is located in the east of Scotland. The nearest big city of Mull is Glasgow. Furthermore, it offers you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a lake.

Things to do

The Lowdown

Mull is a vast island, large swaths of which are inaccessible by road. The accessible parts, however, are incredibly gorgeous with

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Things to do on the Isle of Mull

You could spend all your time on the Isle of Mull just hanging out at different beaches or hillwalking your way around the island.

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Eat & drink

Explore Glengorm Castle Estate

Situated at the northern point of the island – just west of Tobermory – sits the expansive and ethereal Glengorm Castle Estate . T

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Rest and Be Thankful

Glasgow – if you have some time to spend in Glasgow at the end of your trip, read about all my favourite things to do and places t

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Scotland Itinerary Ideas: The Isle of Mull

Scotland (plan Scotland itineraries) has a couple of vast islands off its west coast. Most visitors are intimately familiar with the Isle of Skye , but now I’

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Where to stay on Mull

in Tobermory, a basic but comfortable and clean 3-star hotel well situated to walk down into the town. Car parking included in y

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