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"Ullapool is famous for its seafood and this is some of the best fish, I have ever had."xyuandbeyond.com
"Ullapool is surrounded by roaming hills which means theres plenty of vantage points over offer the town and Loch Broom."halfthisworldaway.com
"In Ullapool you really shouldn't miss The Ceilidh Place - the food is fantastic and they have a great little bookshop attached."traveling-savage.com
"Ullapool is a picturesque fishing town that is bustling with business."theplanetd.com
"Ullapool is a village sitting alongside Loch Broom, and is worth taking the time to explore."independenttravelcats.com
"Ullapool is a small, picturesque, highland coastal town situated on Loch Broom in north-west Scotland."xyuandbeyond.com

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The village (Scotland) Ullapool has a population of over 1,510. Glasgow is the name of the nearest neighbour city. Ullapool is located next to lakes. Ullapool is located in north Scotland (plan Scotland itineraries). It is located by the sea.

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Site Search Search for: Search A white cottage sits on green land near Poolewe There are certainly things to do around Ullapool, but let’s just say that, like us, at this stage on your road trip you may have become a little spoilt. Ullapool itself is far from the most inspiring place on any North Coast 500 route, but ...


one of the best things to do on the way to Ullapool is found along the coastal route.

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Site Search Search for: Search A road gives way to water and classic Scottish hills Driving from Ullapool to Gairloch you’ll be approaching the end of your NC500 trip. But that’s only if you’re following our North Coast 500 Alternative route, of course. If you’re heading the opposite way then you’re only at the ...

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Eat & drink

Seafood’s hot on the menu in most Ullapool restaurants. There isn’t too much in the way of good coffee, but if you’re after basic muffets of tea or fish and chips, you won’t go wrong. At the weekend there’s a lively atmosphere in Ullapool. If you’re in luck, you’ll find a ceilidh or other live music at The Ceilidh ...

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