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"Senegal is located on the West Coast of Africa and is a popular country to visit for people seeking culture."oneworld365.org
"Senegal is expensive compared to many other African countries, particularly in relation to East Africa."travelwithallsenses.com
"Senegal is located on the West Coast of Africa and is a popular country to visit for people seeking culture and a country relatively untouched by tourism."oneworld365.org
"Senegal is the only recognised country in Africa that borders Gambia."dontstopliving.net
"Senegal is underrated as a tourist destination, I beleive."travelwithallsenses.com
"Senegal is doorgaans vrij veilig, maar wij waren er 1 week voor de verkiezingen waardoor er in Dakar wel een grimmige sfeer hing."worldwidewendy.be

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This itinerary proceeds through Western Asia, more precisely Turkey, and it is a roundtrip from Dakar. Most popular part is Istanbul (see itineraries).
The itinerary visits mainly very big cities. Do you like museums? Then you will enjoy
Istanbul and Ankara. If you love to make party you will be happy at Istanbul. For in Turkey it is possible to request the visa on arrival. These flight connections are taken during this route: Dakar - Istanbul (see itineraries) and Ankara - Dakar. During your travel you have to speak Turkish. English should be enough for communication everywhere. You can pay with Lira everywhere.
At Senegal (Western Africa) you will begin your route. The focus is mainly on not so famous cities.
you can take a bath in
Dakar, Cap Skirring and Saly. You find a lot of museums, theaters and galleries at Dakar. The climate is warm. You can pay with CFA Franc BCEAO everywhere. During your travel you have to speak French. English should be enough for communication everywhere.

Things to do

This island which measures 900 meters by 350 meters is enjoyable and easy to explore. We hired a local guide to take us around the island for an hour. We stopped in at the House of Slave, where slaves were loaded in the ships to the Americas. This cost 8000 CFA. We then spent some additional time exploring the town.

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In case you’re not well-versed in the subject, ornithology is the study of birds, and Senegal is a true paradise for bird lovers. In fact, this country has the third largest bird reserve in the world. The Djoudj park near Saint Louis is a great place for this ...

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Those who’re interested in the history of this country should drive north to take in Saint Louis. The former capital of French West Africa is, today, a peaceful spot. You’ll find solitary sand beaches, colonial history, and intact nature. Starting from here you can take in the Senegal River, which can be elegantly ...

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Eat & drink

Senegalese food usually consists of rice and fish prepared in slightly different ways. These dishes are going to be the cheapest and more widely available. They are usually spicy. Street meals are prepared as a huge, set dish and then served on individual plates. Lunch in Senegal is a communal affair so between the ...

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Food in Senegal is still strongly influenced by colonial times and therefore by the French. That means that combinations of fish or meat with fries are not uncommon. Nonetheless, Senegal has a national cuisine that’s made a name for itself beyond the French. Since Senegal is 94% Muslim, you’ll seldom or never see pork ...

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I ate my meals at the hotel. While I enjoyed these meals, I also viewed them as being overpriced. Breakfast at the hotel was not included and they were charging nearly $8. If you wanted an omelet, get ready to spend another $5. ...

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During our Senegal travel, we experienced the country super colourful and vivid. Children are very cute, constantly screaming they grasp our hands and are endlessly mischievous. From the very first moment, Senegal seemed to us as a joyful paradise. On our way to Saint Louis, the first city to visit, we admired green ...


Senegal Travel – A New Experience

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Traveling in Africa is never cheap. Tourist services and nice restaurants are usually expensive. Private transport isn’t cheap, either. Tours (more about Tours), boat trips, guides, etc. will take up a large part of your budget. ...

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We spent our first two nights here. It is a two-story hotel in the center of town in a walkable area. While the hotel it dated, it did the trick with its spacious rooms. There is a restaurant on site. ...


Hotel Mermoz

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Luxurious hotels with pools, wooden huts in front of the sea, charming family houses or ugly rooms with damp walls – in Senegal, you’ll find all kinds of accommodation. Keep in mind that good hostels and hotels tend to be quite expensive. Even so, the independent traveler has a few interesting options.

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