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"Belgrade is best known for its nightlife, including the floating clubs which sit on boats in the Sava river."roadaffair.com
"Belgrade is a mishmash of different architectural styles and cultures."wanderlustingk.com
"Belgrade is a more interesting city than I expected."runawaybrit.com
"Belgrade is a very diverse and unique city, with plenty of history to explore and architecture dating back to the communist era in history."chasingthedonkey.com
"Belgrade is a good city to visit, but it's only if you leave it for smaller venues that you'll get to really experience Serbia."nomadicmatt.com
"Belgrade is a vast city full of things for visitors to see and do."roadaffair.com

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Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (BEG)

Pančevo Airport (QBG)

Valjevo Airport (QWV)

Smederevska Palanka Airport (SPL)

About Belgrade

The big city (Serbia (visit Serbia itineraries)) Belgrade has a population of 1,273,651. Besides Belgrade is in the center of Serbia (see itineraries). It is perfect for a cultural trip. Besides Belgrade is well known for the outstanding nightlife. It gives you the possibility to relax next toby a river. Besides Belgrade is the famous capital of Serbia.

Things to do

What is there for visitors to see and do in Belgrade? Tasting local food and drink is a great way of getting to know and understan


Stuart Forster takes a look at some of the best things to do in Belgrade.

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Stray dogs wander the streets, graffiti covers the walls and buildings are tearing off at the edges like metal rusting near the se

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A good problem to have is coming to a city and not being able to decide what to do first. If that’s not an option, a close second


All The Best Things To Do In Belgrade, Serbia

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Eat & drink

During the Serbian Orthodox Lent, no animal productsother than fish are allowed. The important thing f


Vegan Restaurants & Cafes

Mandala Restaurant

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We didn’t go to a lot of restaurants and bars in Belgradebut a few places stood out. ...

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You can find a wide selection of restaurants in Belgrade, often we went for the recommendations we got from locals at the Hostel a

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Worth to visit

The answer is a resounding yes! To begin with, Belgrade is full of culture and history. When you walk about its streets, you get t

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A safe and enjoyable ride. Belgrade is relatively bike friendly, with cycling paths and bike lanes on most major roads. Once you g

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So yes, there's a feeling about Serbia, something that sets it apart. But don't get comfortable. If you thought you were beginning

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Whether you want to make friends or hook up with someone, dating apps can help you with that. You can meet local people (use commo

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Belgrade has a turbulent past and has seen many conquests and wars in it’s time. But despite this, Serbians are high spirited peop


2 thoughts on “24 Hours in Belgrade Itinerary!”

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As the largest city in the Balkans and a destination full of character and culture, Belgrade is ideal for a Balkans city break. Th


The Perfect 2-Day Belgrade Itinerary

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I ended up stepping into this underground bar after being intrigued by it. Not too many craft beers, but I enjoyed their rakija co

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Located right in the city center this is the ultimate place to stay in Belgrade. Rooms here are well equipped for all kinds of gue


Hotel Capital Hotel Garni

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Contents hide 1 How to get to Trip and Sleep Belgrade 2 Trip and Sleep – The only PUG Themed Hostel in Belgrade! 3 Trip and Sleep


Trip and Sleep Common Room

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. wrote part of this guide, the Chasing the Donkey team edited and added loads more accommodation options for you. Serbia (plan Serbia itineraries) lies on


Garni Hotel Vozarev

Hotel Mint

Best Hotels In Belgrade Serbia

Boutique Hotel Museum

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