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"Nis is beautiful and easily walkable for most sites and activities downtown."thewayfarersbook.com
"Nis is likely your go-to city from Bulgaria (plan Bulgaria itineraries), Kosovo or the Republic of Macedonia (plan Macedonia itineraries)."travelsewhere.net
"Nis is Serbia (plan Serbia itineraries)'s third largest city and the center of life in the south of the country."travellingking.com
"Nis is one of the most historic cities in Europe and can trace its roots far back to ancient Greek and Roman times."travellingking.com
"Nis is overlooked by many even when they visit Serbia (Serbia in detail)."thewayfarersbook.com
"Nis is a great place to enjoy history and culture, but also somewhere with a quiet and authentic vibe."chasingthedonkey.com

Sightseeing on a bike in Nis

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Southeast Serbia

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Nis Airport (INI)

Bojnik Airport (BJK)

Knjaževac Airport (KZC)

About Nis

At Nisin the country Serbia live 250,000 people. Further this town is in the south of Serbia (plan Serbia itineraries). Skopje is the nearest city.

Things to do

Most notably, Nis was the birthplace of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great – the man credited with converting the Roman Empir


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I never really enjoyed the idea of Bulgaria (plan Bulgaria itineraries) being in the EU and going to Nis reminded me why exactly I was against it. On the mark


The market is a real gem!

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