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"Novi Sad is connected to all other major Serbian cities, and the fastest way to get to Novi Sad is to take a bus."chasingthedonkey.com
"Novi Sad is a city you can keep coming back to again and again and still find something new to fascinate and amaze you."chasingthedonkey.com
"Novi Sad is on top of my list of places to start a travelling base from."thewayfarersbook.com
"Novi Sad is so calm and peaceful, the people are young and open to new people."journeywonders.com
"Novi Sad is one of Serbia's most beautiful cities."gomadnomad.com
"Novi Sad is often referred to as Serbia's prettiest city, due to its colorful buildings and its compact, walkable core."erikastravels.com

West Serbia

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Novi Sad Airport (QND)

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (BEG)

Pančevo Airport (QBG)

About Novi Sad

(Serbia (more about Serbia)) Novi Sad has over 215,400 people. Novi Sad is in north Serbia. Belgrade (visit Belgrade itineraries) is the name of the nearest big city. In Novi Sad you find many historic places. It offers you the possibility to relax atby a lake.

Things to do

Best Things To Do In Novi Sad For Every Type Of Traveler - Best Time To Visit Tourists who visit Serbia (plan Serbia itineraries) always tend to make the same mistake: they’ll go to Belgrade You can also opt to take the train from Belgrade, which takes about an hour and a half, since you can find tickets for as low as €2.86 at busradar.com.

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There are many tourist attractions in Novi Sad that are a must-add to your Balkan travel list. Here are our top choices for things to do in Novi Sad. ...

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Here are my 17 recommendations for what to do in Novi Sad. This post could also work as an action-packed one-day Novi Sad itinerary. At the end of the list, you’ll find a handy Novi Sad map. ...


what to do in Novi Sad

Discover the dazzling churches and synagogue

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Eat & drink

Back in town, my favourite restaurant in Novi Sad is Fish & Zelenis. Our guesthouse host, a chef by profession, recommended it to us. The nautical theme is slightly jarring, but the food and service are both superb. Fish and seafood are the house specialties, and ..

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If you are looking to be more budget-friendly, these are your best choices in Novi Sad: ...


Garni Hotel Ami

Hotel Fontana

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I recommend spending at least one night in Novi Sad. We stayed for three nights and although we tend to do things at aslower pace, we still found enough to keep us occupied. ...

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, Novi Sad offers some of the best hostels you’ll ever find. There are also a number of apartment-sized hotel rooms that come at very affordable prices. ...


Hotel Leopold I

ARTA Boutique Hotel

Garni Hotel Centar

Hostel Sova

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