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"Subotica is a small town but its laid-back vibe with a largely pedestrianized center means there's plenty to keep most visitors happily occupied for a day or so and it's a great place to break the journey between Budapest and Belgrade."mywanderlust.pl
"Subotica is a pretty straightforward destination to visit."travelsewhere.net
"Subotica is mostly know for its art nouveau architecture but the city is yet another example of amazing Central European town and a great legacy to the Austria-Hungary past."mywanderlust.pl
"Subotica is the fifth biggest city in Serbia, located right at the border with Hungary (see itineraries)."mywanderlust.pl
"Subotica is full of great bakeries, restaurants and coffee shops."happyfrogtravels.com
"Subotica is the perfect kind of destination to simply stroll about."travelsewhere.net

Northwest Serbia

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Sombor Airport (SOR)

About Subotica

Subotica is a town in Serbia with a population of 100,000. And Subotica fits perfect for a cultural trip. The nearest city of Subotica is Budapest. And Subotica is in northeast Serbia (Serbia in detail).

Things to do

. must include Subotica. According to many, Subotica is the country’s most beautiful city. Additionally, the city is a multicultu

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Eat & drink

Subotica is full of great bakeries, restaurants and coffee shops. However, three places are not to be missed. Without a doubt the

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We are sad to report that Subotica’s accommodation offer doesn’t match its beauty. There are only three*- hotels inside the city,


Where to Stay in Palić

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Los hoteles de Subotica no se comparan con la belleza de la ciudad. Tan solo hay tres hoteles dentro de la ciudad, y ni siquiera t

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. enough. Located in Kralja Milana, you can walk to either Trg Republik or St. Sava Temple with its central location. Rooms are v

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