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"Slovakia is one of the countries that you must visit if you are interested in medieval architecture."tripandtrail.com
"Slovakia is full of charm and the magic of Christmas with the Christmas markets spreading nearly over the entire city."wanderlustcrew.com
"Slovakia is a fascinating country filled with a warm culture, gorgeous mountain vistas, and stunning medieval historical sites!"travelinginheels.com
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"Slovakia is gaining popularity on the tourist trail, but when I was there is was tranquil and not in the least crowded."gastrotravelogue.com

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Best itineraries

At Greece (Greece itineraries) the itinerary will begin. After that the itinerary proceeds Albania (visit Albania itineraries), Croatia (see itineraries), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary (more about Hungary itineraries) and Slovakia. The focus is mainly on not so famous cities. Besides of cities there a nature destinations. Visoko (Sarajevo), Lake Neusiedl (Bratislava (see itineraries)) and Little Carpathians (Bratislava) are the highlights.
You find a lot of museums, theaters and galleries at Sarajevo,
Belgrade, Budapest and Bratislava (see itineraries). You find the nightlife at Belgrade, Budapest (plan Budapest itineraries) and Bratislava (see itineraries). Safe countries are chosen but be carefully in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During your travel you have to speak Greek, Albania (see itineraries)n, Croatia (see itineraries)n, Serbian, Hungarian and Slovak . And if you speak only english it co

Things to do

Košice is the second-largest city in Slovakiaand the main city in the eastern part of the country. After visiting Budapest (plan Budapest itineraries) After arriving in Košice and checking into your accommodations, we’ll assume it’s around 5 p.m. After dinner, grab an ice cream or a drink and ..


Peruse the market in front of the Dominican Church.

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Slovakia is literally in the heart of Europe. Most people don’t even realise that Vienna is only 50km away or a 1-hour journey from Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. I’ve made a list of the ten best places to visit in Slovakia, some of my favourites were recommendations from Slovakian friends.

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? Slovakia is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and deservedly so. And most importantly — Slovakia is easy to visit and affordable. It is also the political, cultural and economic centre, and one of the best places to visit in Slovakia. Visit the St Martin’s Cathedral which is the largest and ..

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After spending a week in Slovakia, I’ve learned that it’s a country that tends to appeal to retirees and history buffs. For those of you who love learning about the past, you’ll find the story of this country quite interesting. There’s only so much I can listen to before my mind wanders.

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Eat & drink

When it comes to places to visit in Slovakia, Bratislava gets the bulk of visitors, eager to soak up the city’s nightlife, old-town cafés and check out the quirky socialist era architecture. As the country is home to the towering alpine peaks of the High Tatras, the highest section of the mighty Carpathian range, ...

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There are number of small restaurants in Banska Stiavnica, as well as several cafes and bars. On our first night, we walked down the hill to the Penzion Cosmopolitan I for dinner in their restaurant. The Cosmopolitan actually has three distinct inns in town. While slept at Penzion Cosmopolitan II, the restaurant is ...

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Amanda: I love reading your posts about Slovak food, because it takes me back to my time in Bratislava. Many of my readers won’t have any idea about what Slovak food is like, though – could you describe it for them? It’s an important part of life in Slovakia ...

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Slovak food is very tasty. It’s based on a central continental fare of meat with potatoes, dairy and flour-based foods. It’s filling, you won’t feel hungry. The national meal is Bryndzové Halušky which are tiny, boiled potato-dough dumplings with fresh, soft sheep milk cheese sprinkled with tiny, pan-fried bits of ...

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Before going to the High Tatras ourselves, we struggled to find good sources of information for the possible hikes in the area. It quickly turned out that it was pretty much only tourists from the neighbouring countries visiting. We were quite perplexed by this already back then, for two reasons.

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There are many small and hidden gems in Slovakia, one we really feel like recommending is the fairy-tale village of Osturna, near the Polish border. This was one of the best days of our whole 5-months Europe bike trip, a day full of marvel, an area of Slovakia you really shouldn’t miss when traveling here.


A Peculiar Architecture

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The High Tatras offer many trails suitable for all age groups. You’ll see multi-generational families with babies and grandparents on easy walks, young families with strollers or babies in carriers as well as super-fit climbers. If you are not into walking and ..


4. Perfect for all fitness levels

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Location: The village of Sklene Teplice is a short 20 minutedrive from Banska Stiavnica ...

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Slovakia may not have existed as a country for a very long time, but it’s been inhabited for centuries, and by peoples with their own identities and character. This led to many amazing cities, each with their own unique development, culture, and art. This means that a lot of the population lives in smaller cities with ...

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Even though Slovakia is not a big country, thanks to its mountains there are many choices when it comes to bicycle touring itineraries. ...

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Slovakia is a rather cheap country to travel to, comparing to other European countries. A day here may cost as little as 25 Euro. ...

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When compared to other better-known European mountain destinations, the High Tatras are still on the cheaper side. This is true for food, accommodation, transportation and services. ...

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Guesthouses and hotels are also very common, they are of course open all-year-round. Prices start at about 20€, expect to spend an average of 30€ x night for a double room. Many guesthouses do have an available kitchen free to use for guests. ...

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When it comes to finding somewhere to base yourself while exploring all that Jasna and the surrounding area has to offer, we recommend making Liptovský Mikuláš your base. It’s a great jumping-off point for all the attractions in the area and if you’re self-catering, it has a huge Tesco and ..

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When it comes to Banska Stiavnica hotels, there isn’t a ton of options. However, when it comes to luxury accommodations in the heart of town, the Penzion Cosmopolitan II is the preferred address for visiting royalty who come to the region. No, really. This inn has hosted kings and queens…and us.

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. strbske pleso, strbske pleso hotels, high tatras hotels, slovakia travel guide ...

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Luckily there are no big hotels in Osturna, a few cozy and well-blended accommodation options are available. Most are traditional style vernacular building, so you’ll get to admire Osturna’s architecture from the inside. We stayed at the Goralska Drevenica , a very cozy cottage with 3 rooms, a very nice kitchen/living ...

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More about Slovakia

Slovakia is a landlocked country in central Europe. It borders the Czech Republic, Poland (plan Poland itineraries), Ukraine (see itineraries), Hungary and Austria (visit Austria itineraries). Slovakia is mountaineous along the border with Poland (plan Poland itineraries) in the north, but low-lying along the plains of the Danube in the south-east. The climate is continental. Tourism is very important for Slovakia. The about 5.400.000 inhabitants live on a territory of about 50.000 square kilometers. Languages spoken are Slovak, Hungarian and Czech. In the capital also some speak German. The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava.