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"Piran is entirely walkable, incredibly laid back, and picture-perfect."chasingthedonkey.com
"Piran is one of my favourite places to visit in Slovenia."travelsewhere.net
"Piran is not your typical Slovenia (Slovenia itineraries)n town, quite different in fact."breathewithus.com
"Piran is a nice town but the waters there are very dirty and not suitable for swimming."breathewithus.com
"Piran is a compact city and hence the accommodation options are limited."gobeyondbounds.com
"Piran is more down to earth and has more of a rustic charm to it."soultravelblog.com

Southwest Slovenia

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Trieste–Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport (TRS)

Portorož Airport (POW)

About Piran

The village (Slovenia) Piran has over 17,717 people. Also the nearest neighbour city is Zagreb (Zagreb itineraries). Enjoy the beautiful beaches at Piran. Also Piran fits perfect for a cultural trip. This village is located in southeast Slovenia (more about Slovenia).

Things to do

The great thing about Piran is that there’s just enough to do here to give some variety to your days, but not so much that you fee

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Pretty Piran on the Slovenia (plan Slovenia itineraries)n coast is tiny. But it packs a powerful punch in terms of scenic beauty. It’s the perfect coastal spo


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. gets all the attention—and the hordes of tourists—, thecoast of Slovenia remains more of a locals’ destination . This is ideal


Things To Do In Piran

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Eat & drink

There are several restaurants in Piran so you won’t starve. We enjoyed a really lovely seafood meal at Restaurant Pirat . It’s not

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We enjoyed our dinner at Gostilna Park, which is a bit of a walk from Tartini Square. My husband loved his seafood choices. I ate

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Piran has a lot of great restaurants serving great sea food and fish. ...

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Best Hotels In Piran Guide 2020: Where To Stay In Piran, Slovenia (plan Slovenia itineraries) - Boutique Hotels In Piran - Hotel Piran Piran is a beautiful


Hotel Fiesa

Cheap Hotels In Piran

Best Hotels In Piran Guide 2020: Where To Stay In Piran, Slovenia

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If you are a budget traveller or are just looking to make some friends, I always recommend staying at hostels. In Ljubljana, I stayed at Hostel 24 ...

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. está idealmente ubicado frente al mar y al borde del casco antiguo. Sus instalaciones son de primera, incluyendo un spa. No te


Hoteles en Piran

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