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"Suwon is somewhere I hope to be heading in the next few weeks."wanderlustlogs.com
"Suwon is a big city so it may be worth exploring as well."willflyforfood.net
"Suwon is certainly worth a visit and could be done in a long day trip on the metro from Seoul."rachelsruminations.com
"Suwon is one of the best places in South Korea to visit in the northwest of the county."handluggageonly.co.uk
"Suwon is technically part of the Seoul subway system."torontoseoulcialite.com
"Suwon is a city of over one million people located about an hour south of Seoul."gomadnomad.com

North South Korea

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Gimpo International Airport (GMP)

Incheon International Airport (ICN)

Cheongju International Airport/Cheongju Air Base (K-59/G-513) (CJJ)

About Suwon

At Suwonin South Korea (see itineraries) live about over 1,160,062 people. Also this big city is in center South Korea. Suwon offers a lot of interesting culture. Also Seoul (plan Seoul itineraries) is the name of the nearest neighbour city.

Things to do

When you come to Korea, you probably have your itinerary planned around Seoul (plan Seoul itineraries). Have you considered going to Suwon? If you miss thi


Q: What’s a unique thing to do in Suwon?

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I must admit that we weren’t too sure what to expect of the city. Unfortunately, we never got to visit that toilet museum, but we

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There are many illegaliies in the Lykeion Language Forum Suwon contract. This includes: ...

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. lives up to all that we’ve come to expect from our stays with them around the world. Located in the heart of Seoul in the Gangn

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There are quite a few nice hotels and accommodations in Suwon. It is recommended to pick a hotel that is reasonably close to Suwon

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