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"Barcelona is one of the best places to spend Christmas in Europe."travelstoriesuntold.com
"Barcelona is very much a late-night culture, whether it's late dinners, or late nights at the bars and clubs."woltersworld.com
"Barcelona is a larger city, with beach scapes and surrounded by a mountainous area."aswetravel.com
"Barcelona is an enchanting seaside city with boundless culture, fabled architecture and a world-class drinking and dining scene."lonelyplanet.com
"Barcelona is cosmopolitan yet historic, charming yet wild and filled with sublime flavors and Michelin star restaurants."momsguidetotravel.com
"Barcelona is one of the most photographed cities in Europe, if not the world."travelinntour.com

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Northeast Spain

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Barcelona International Airport (BCN)

Sabadell Airport (QSA)

About Barcelona

At Barcelonain Spain (more about Spain itineraries) live over 5,487,935 people. This world city is in the center of Spain. Barcelona provides a lot of culture. It is located by the sea and so you can enjoy the beautiful views over the sea at Barcelona. Clubs and bars and much more are waiting for you in the night! Barcelona is known for historic buildings. You will find a lot of nature in Barcelona.

Things to do

If you go to Bucharest (plan Bucharest itineraries) just for a weekend, it is important to plan ahead what you want to see. Unless, you are like me and prefer

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» How to Spend 24 Hours in Barcelona» There’s never a bad time to visit Barcelona, and between a mix of modern and classic archite

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Are you looking for things to do in Barcelona this winter? You may think of Barcelona as a summer destination, but except for the


6) Head to the Slopes

1) Visit a Christmas Market

7) Enjoy the Gothic Quarter

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Eat & drink

Seafood Paella - a must-try foodie experience in Barcelona, just not where you might think Seafood Paella - a must-try foodie expe

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I first visited Spain in 2001, and I had no idea where to eat in Barcelona. I also had no clue how to navigate a city that seemed


Tailored Gluten-Free Restaurant Card for Spain

Gluten Free Barcelona: Where to Eat

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? It’s a great city with many amazing restaurants and food spots. More and more vegetarian friendly food spots are opening up in B

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Worth to visit

One of the more touristy and busier areas of the city, it may not be what you’re looking for if you’ve visited Barcelona before or


Why avoid Gracia

Why avoid El Poble-Sec

Why avoid Eixample

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I talked to other tourists equally underwhelmed by Sagrada Familia. For other visitors it the most extraordinary place they have e

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It has developed a smart bike lock that you can command with your phone, through the Donkey app. The app allows you to locate bike

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For those impressed by culture architecture and art, it’s hard to know where to start. I think firstly I would have to recommend a

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I often wonder how we ever made it through life without a map on our phones, both at home and especially in a foreign country. Whe

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Find out what happened when Skrill sent a Prepaid Mastercard topped up with €500 to our Barcelona-based Blogger-in-chief. But anyw

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Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia. Also, read Best Views of Barcelona The best time to visit Barcelona, Spain (plan Spain itineraries) is May through J

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From Antoni Gaudí’s Modernist architecture to top-notch art museums and delicious food, seeing Barcelona in 3 days can be a bit of

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So here you have a nice list of alternative activities to do in Barcelona, avoiding the typical touristic routes and its elevated

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I love discovering unusual or quirky things while visiting a new city and Barcelona does offer exciting and appealing sites to see


Mossen Costa i Lobera

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My most recent trip was a total of 4 nights in the city. In order to take advantage of cheap Ryanair flights from Manchester (see itineraries), I ar

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It is the first eco-hotel in Hamburg! Wälderhaus literally means a forest house, and the moment you enter you feel like you’re in

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Barcelona is a popular year-round destination so be sure to book hotels in advance for any time of year (but especially June thr


Barcelona Hotels for Families – Where To Stay

The Best Barcelona Hotels for Families

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Barcelona offers a wide range of activities and family friendly attractions. Barcelona Aquarium is the largest of its kind in Eu


Omm Hotel

Salles Pere IV Hotel

Actual Hotel

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