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"Cadiz is located in the Andalusia region of south west Spain (plan Spain itineraries)."holidaystoeurope.com.au
"Cadiz is an intriguing city in Andalucia to explore."travel2next.com
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Jerez Airport (XRY)

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At the big city Cadizin the country Spain (more about Spain) live over 1,230,594 people. In addition, Cadiz offers a lot of interesting culture. It is located next to lakes. In addition, Cadiz is located by the sea and so it is possible adore the beautiful beaches at Cadiz. Cadiz is in south Spain. In addition, there is a lot of nature in Cadiz.

Things to do

One of the cities in Andalusia you are likely to enjoy the most, despite the unbearable heat if you travel in summer, is Cadiz, th

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Food Tour Of Cadiz: Always one of my absolute favourite ways to get to know a city, the guys from Pancho Tours ...

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Eat & drink

– Top pick in the city, mentioned in the Michelin Guide and located right near the Cathedral. Modern, creative cuisine including s

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Before revealing where I had some of my favourite meals, it’s worth remembering that this is Spain, and schedules are different! ...

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Worth to visit

If you’re into history, this is the city for you! Founded by the Phoenicians 3,000 years ago, Cadiz is one of the oldest cities in

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I’d recommend checking out some of the options on Airbnb – lots of them are great if you’re travelling as a group or family, are o

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If you are planning your trip and looking for where to stay in Cadiz, you can find some pretty nice Cadiz hotels without spending

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