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"Ronda is one of the favorite places I visited in Spain (Spain in detail)!"mytravelaffairs.com
"Ronda is one of Spain (more about Spain)'s oldest towns and the name comes from its position surrounded by mountains."ontheluce.com
"Ronda is one of the oldest town in Spain (plan Spain itineraries)."ankionthemove.com
"Ronda is an incredible sight with a rich historical heritage, hidden high in the Serrania de Ronda Mountains."mytravelaffairs.com
"Ronda is most well known for the dramatic cliff that it sits on."hippie-inheels.com
"Ronda is an incredible place but so is this hotel."carmensluxurytravel.com

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Gibraltar Airport (GIB)

Málaga Airport (AGP)

About Ronda

Ronda is a village with over 36,827 people. Besides Ronda is in the center of Spain. There exists historic relevant places. Besides Malaga is the nearest neighbour city.

Things to do

Wandering with a camera in your hand is by far the best thing to do in Ronda, Spain (plan Spain itineraries). I've already fallen in love with this gorgeou

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Towering almost 400 above the El Tajo gorge below, this spectacular bridge is even more jaw dropping in person than it is in its p

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Ronda is one of the most enchanting places you can visit in the south of Spain. Keep reading to discover the best things to do in


The Best Things to Do in Ronda on a Day Trip

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#7 See the Old Walls and City Gate

#8 Discover the Old Arabic Baths of Ronda

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Eat & drink

This popular tapas joint was recommended to me by another blogger, and it didn’t disappoint. The relaxed restaurant’s budget tapas

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While he likes migas, this particular dish has a fried egg, chorizo, and morcilla. Wh

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Our meals were delicious, with fresh flavorful ingredients. The menu had vegetarian options for me, and the desserts were yummy. ...

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Worth to visit

I felt satisfied with the day I had exploring the Pueblos Blancos. If you have time, there are many villages you can visit or acti

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If you are visiting southern Spain, make sure you add Ronda as one of the stops on your Spanish road trip as there are many great

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Have you ever visited a place expecting no more than your average tourist interaction but came away with something much more profo

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We also walked down the path to the various viewpoints where you look up at the bridge. It was amazing to see how Ronda is perched

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Ispanista inglese, trasferito in terra Andalusa per ben tre anni per permettere alla moglie malata un cambio di clima. Al ritorno


Benjamin Disraeli

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Ronda was one of my favorite places in Spain (plan Spain itineraries) to visit. While there are some other tourists, it’s not nearly as busy as other locat


Ronda itinerary

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The biggest, and newlearning environment that I was exposed to was living with a Spanish host family for the week I stay

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There are a number of great places to stay in Ronda for reasonable prices. While most visitors just come in for a day, you might w

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. boasts unusual stays and it’s pretty obvious from the giant, spiraling slide in the lobby that you’re in for a totally unpreten

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