Switzerland: Itineraries & tips

"Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world and spending holidays there can eat into your budget."arzotravels.com
"Switzerland is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world."gobeyondbounds.com
"Switzerland is the best place to enjoy and is one of the most beautiful places on Earth."nomadasaurus.com
"Switzerland is one of the best countries to do winter sports."arzotravels.com
"Switzerland is quite famous for its food; the Swiss cheese, chocolate, and even the wine."talesofabackpacker.com
"Switzerland is one of the most picturesque countries."theblondeabroad.com

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Best itineraries

This itinerary brings you through Switzerland. The national highlight is Lake Como by Locarno.
it is possible to go to many nature. The climate is snowy. During your travel you have to speak Romansh but english should be enough for communication everywhere.
At Switzerland (Western Europe) you will begin your itinerary. Lake Geneva next to Geneva, Lake Geneva next to Montreux and Lake Geneva next to Lausanne are the highlights.
The itinerary visits mainly small cities. It is possible to go to many nature. At Lausanne it is awesome go hiking. Many cities are snowy in April. During your travel you have to speak Romansh but english should be enough for communication everywhere.
This itinerary brings you through Switzerland (Western Europe). The focus is mainly on not so famous cities.
it is possible to go to many nature. The climate is snowy. During your travel you have to speak Romansh but english should be enough for communication everywhere. You can pay with Swiss Franc everywhere.

Things to do

Oh Switzerland – my home country and truly one of the most beautiful places on earth, especially when you like nature, including m


Do a helicopter flight

Visit Lucerne’s old town

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We spent a grand total of three days exploring every inch of this National Parkand I have to

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, and we were a bit rushed. So we didn’t get to see many top Swiss towns. All I remember from that trip was cheese, chocolate and


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20. See Zermatt, the town nestled under the Matterhorn

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Eat & drink

Whether you have just relocated or are thinking about moving to Switzerland, there’s one small secret to successful integration in

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Sausage salad in Switzerland - Pic from Pixabay for the list of Swiss food . If you want to know what to eat in Switzerland when y

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While these restaurants do serve meat, they also make a point of catering to vegans by providing clearly-marked vegan items and/or


Ethnic Cuisine Restaurants

Supermarkets and Health Food Stores

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Worth to visit

. as neighboring options, why should you visit Swizterland instead of these other European countries? Read on to find out some of

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Mount Pilatus on the shores of Lake Lucerne is steeped in legends and folklore with stories of dragons and hidden caves. Legend ha

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Switzerland is practically synonymous with chocolate, and when you’re here, you need to see one or two of the best chocolate facto

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Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places to visit on the planet Earth. They have a very small population of 8.2 million and

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I love visiting Switzerland and it has quickly become a place that I want to get back to. I thought it would be a great idea to wr

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Looking for 5 days Switzerland itinerary? I got you ? This article covers all the travel tips before you travel to Switzerland and

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Another major perk to doing a road trip in Switzerland is that the smaller country size makes your trip extremely customizable. Sw

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There is no other country like Switzerland – before starting a long introduction praising the country, I‘ll keep it short: Switzer


Idea 1: 3-Day Switzerland Itinerary

Idea 4: Itinerary or 3 Days in Switzerland

Travel Tips for your 3-Day Switzerland Itinerary

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Switzerland is roughly divided into three areas: the French region, the German region and the Italian region. We stayed in Montreu


Sample costs for non-resident adults:

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Can you travel to Switzerland on a budget? So, I set about proving that you can travel Switzerland on a budget. If you search this


Switzerland on a Budget: Activities

Switzerland on a budget: before you leave

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This place is the lowest location in Switzerland, only 196 meters above sea level. Already from the distance it is greeting its vi

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1 Where to Stay in Switzerland – Best Areas and Hotels for Each Budget - 1.1 Zurich There are tons of reasons to visit one of th


Sunstar Style Hotel

Grandhotel Giessbach

Hotel Manotel N’vY Geneva

Bellpark Hostel

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Switzerland is one of the most fabulous places in the world – regular readers of my blog know that I am slightly obsessed with tha

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. and it was easily one our favorite hotels in Switzerland. The two-star hotel is a lovely contemporary boutique hotel. While man

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More about Switzerland

Top destinations to visit in Switzerland


Whenever you think of dazzling natural beauty, you cannot leave behind Switzerland. This small yet bountiful country has charms of the world enfolded in the snow-capped Alps, breathtaking valleys, and azure lakes that altogether give an aura of a fairytale world.


Here are the 4 top destinations you should visit whenever you go to Switzerland.

1.   Interlaken

Interlaken is a mammoth hill resort in Switzerland. Surrounded by three giant peaks overlooking the affairs of man, this city has everything you can ask of.


Whilst there, enjoy one of the 45 mountain railways, chairlifts, ski resorts, and other attractions that are born out of the city’s vicinity to glaciers and towering mountains.

2.   Lucerne

Lucerne is Switzerland’s car-free medieval town. And that means you can pretty much explore it in a few days using a bicycle.


The town is famous for its annual International Music Fes (Fes in detail)tival, where musicians from around the world come and showcase their talent. You can also visit the Swiss Transport Museum, Chapel Bridge, and Rigi, a vantage point.


3.   Geneva

Nestled under stark white mountains and neighboring the mighty Rhone, Geneva is where the United Nations is situated. This capital of peace has a cultural intrigue that enfolds other nations’ character.


One of the top destinations here is Lake Geneva, the largest Alpine lake in Europe. Other must-see attractions include the Opera House, the Grand Theatre, and gothic cathedrals.

4.   St. Moritz

Switzerland’s postcard image of a mountain city, the St. Moritz is every bit of Alpine heaven. If you ever visit this place in winter, you’ll run by places teeming with tourists that are eager for winter sports such as skating, skiing, snowboarding, and many more.


But that doesn’t mean the town stays quiet in the summer. You can enjoy every bit of spontaneous activity in summer, all the while enjoying the town’s cultural conundrum.