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The itinerary starts in Tajikistan (Central Asia). Kyrgyzstan are the next countries.
For in Tajikistan it is possible to request the visa on arrival. Not safe countries are chosen... Many cities are snowy in March. During your travel you have to speak Tajik and
Russia (more about Russia)n . And if you speak only english it could be an adventure. You will need Tajikistan Ruble and Som during this itinerary.

Things to do

17 Things To Do In Tajikistan

Where glimmering glacial lakes and idyllic mountains meet world class hospitality at the crux of the ancient Silk Road. Despite th

adventuresoflilnicki.com > Things To Do Tajikista

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Khujand Travel Guide + 14 Things to Do In Khujand

. with a handful of sites that can be seen in a day or two. The city has enjoyed a long history along the ancient Silk Road on th

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Dushanbe Travel Guide + 10 Things To Do In Dushanbe

. and hiking around one of thebest trekking destinations you’ve probably never heard of - Archaeological artifacts dating back to


Things To Do In Dushanbe

2 thoughts on “Dushanbe Travel Guide + 10 Things To Do In Dushanbe”

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Eat & drink

The Best Restaurants In Dushanbe

. region for a while you’re probably dying for something besides plov or items fried in mutton fat. But if you’re researching bef


Moose Coffee

adventuresoflilnicki.com > Best Restaurants Dushanb

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Where To Eat

Dushanbe is the best place in the country for international cuisine for those looking for a much needed break from Central Asian d

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6. Eat the local food

13 Things You Should Not Miss When You Travel the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan13 13 Things You Should Not Miss When You Travel the

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Worth to visit

Is Iskanderkul worth visiting?

I think you’d really enjoy your visit to Iskanderkul. There isn’t that much to do around the lake but you’ll definitely enjoy spen

journalofnomads.com > Iskanderkul Lake Tajikista

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10 Reasons To Visit Tajikistan

. to the west. A country unknown to most of the outside world that I chose to visit exactly for that reason. Those that make it t


33 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Visit Tajikistan”

adventuresoflilnicki.com > 10 Reasons To Visit Tajikista

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1. Relax on the shores

Part of Iskanderkul’s shores is covered in pebbles, making it look like a little beach. It’s a nice area to chill, bathe in the su

journalofnomads.com > Iskanderkul Lake Tajikista

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Extra Information for Travelling the Pamir Highway

Here’s a bit of extra information to help you plan your adventure along the Pamir Highway. ...


Expect to spend about $100 per day on car rental.

nomadasaurus.com > 7 Days Pamir Highway Tajikistan Guid

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Tajikistan Itinerary For 1-4 Weeks

For being the smallest in terms of landmass of the Central Asian nations Tajikistan packs a lot into its borders. I have gotten a


4 thoughts on “Tajikistan Itinerary For 1-4 Weeks”

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An Epic 10-Day Itinerary For The Pamir Highway

Striking snow-capped peaks, lonely mountain passes and dusty roads to nowhere make the Pamir Highway the epitome of a classic road

thesandyfeet.com > 10 Day Itinerary Pamir Highway Tajikistan Kyrgyzsta

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Epic two-week itinerary for Uzbekistan and Tajikistan

If you had to choose between dizzyingly tiled Timurid architecture and dazzlingly turquoise alpine lakes, which would you choose?


10 thoughts on “A two-week Uzbekistan + Tajikistan itinerary”

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Wakhan Valley Budget

Your daily budget will vary greatly depending on how you go about transportation, but here is a rough guideline, assuming you plan

adventuresoflilnicki.com > Tajik Wakhan Valley Travel Guid

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Cell Phone Coverage

Surprisingly there is mobile coverage in the valley along the highway. Megafon will work off and on, although once past Basid it r

adventuresoflilnicki.com > Bartang Highway Travel Guid

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Massive Peaks

If you know me at all this shouldn’t surprise you, not even in the slightest. After waving goodbye to the Pamirs in Tajikistan it

adventuresoflilnicki.com > July 201

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Where To Stay In The Yagnob Valley

There are homestays in Margib, Pskon, Nomitkon, Bidev, Gharmin, Dehbaland, and Sokan. In inhabited villages don’t be surprised if

adventuresoflilnicki.com > Yagnob Valley Trekking Travel Guid

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Where To Sleep

Budget accommodations are popping up more and more in Dushanbe with a handful of hostels with cheap dorms and even allowing you to


Rohat Hotel

Dushanbe Serena Hotel

Atlas B&B Hotel

adventuresoflilnicki.com > Dushanbe Guid

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Loik Sherali Statue, Devashtich Statue, Somoni Statue and Lenin Statue

Loik Sherlai was a modern-day poet from nearby Mazar i Sharif, Devashtich was the 8th century ruler of Ancient Sogdiana, Ismoil So


Umariyon Hotel

adventuresoflilnicki.com > Panjakent Travel Guid

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