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"Van is very ancient city and like all cities in Turkey there is a castle in the middle of the city."freepassenger.com
"Van is a bustling town with a variety of industries, including a noteworthy carpet-making industry."velvetescape.com
"Van is actually a small suburb just east of the town of Caerphilly."europeupclose.com
"Van is not on any list of no go areas for Turkey."turkishtravelblog.com
"Van is also well-known for its generously-sized and amazing breakfast."bucketlistly.blog

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Van Ferit Melen Airport (VAN)

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Van is a big city in the country Turkey with a population of 1,070,113. Besides this big city is in the west of Turkey. The nearest big city of Van is Bitlis. Besides it gives you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next to by a lake.