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"Ashgabat is something for sure if only I can come up with a word for what that something is."jackandjilltravel.com

South Turkmenistan

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The city (Turkmenistan) Ashgabat has a population of 727,700. Ashgabat is in center Turkmenistan. The nearest neighbour city is Bojnord.

Things to do

Imagine the following scenario: It is the year 2200. We are not living in the year 2200. Ashgabat is so bizarre that you have to s

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Eat & drink

Shashlik, also known as kebap, is one of the staple foods among the Silk Road. After a day of walking the empty streets of Ashgaba

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Ashgabat has the highest concentration of white marble buildings in the world. There are 543 buildings covered with 4.5 million cu

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Then, take the two and quiz the locals. Can everyone tell them apart? They look suspiciously alike. ...

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Ashgabat’s architectural wonders has made the city something of an internet legend with various documentaries (ones from vice and

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