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This itinerary brings you through Uganda (Eastern Africa) and it is a roundtrip from Juba. The focus is mainly on not so famous cities.
The climate is warm. For in Uganda it is possible to request the visa on arrival. You can pay with Shilling everywhere. These flight connection are taken during this route: Kampala - Juba. As a
South Sudan (plan South Sudan itineraries) citizen you use electronic with power sockets of the type C/D. For the journey you need: G. During your travel you have to speak Swahili but english should be enough for communication everywhere.
The itinerary brings you at the beginning to Kenya (plan Kenya itineraries) (Eastern Africa). Uganda are the next countries.
not safe countries are chosen... The climate is warm. For in
Kenya (more about Kenya itineraries) and Uganda it is possible to request the visa on arrival. If your passport is from Austria (plan Austria itineraries) and you use the power sockets type C/F, then you would still need: G. During your travel you have to speak Swahili. English should be enough for communication everywhere. You will need Kenya (plan Kenya itineraries)n Shilling and Shilling during this itinerary.

Things to do

Uganda! A country of rolling green hills, misty valleys and craggy mountains. Where lions stalk their prey through grasslands, hip

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When you arrive in Uganda, the chances are that unless you come overland, you’ll enter the country via Entebbe International Airpo

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There are Bahá’í Houses of Worships all around the world, at least one in every continent. The only Bahá’í Temple in Africa is loc


3. Owino Market

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Eat & drink

If you are planning to pay a visit to Africa, Uganda is that one magical country you shouldn’t miss to explore. What is interestin

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The women of the family spent a lot of time in the garden cooking food. They had a kitchen in their house, but they told me they p


A difference in meats in Ugandan food:

Not fast food…

Eating Ugandan food in the home and cultural differences

Eating and cooking Ugandan food with a local family was overall really humbling.

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Food in Uganda is not just matoke and chapati, but due to landscape with lots of water, Uganda is rich with different vegetables,

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Worth to visit

The short answer is yes! This is one of my top ten travel experiences to date, no question. ...

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I would strongly recommend to go as soon as possible! Why? The main reason is because tourism hasn’t reached its peak yet! This me

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Uganda is undoubtedly one of a few most excellent African safari destinations. Its tourism sector entirely depends on nature and w

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In the Africa tourism and travel industry, Uganda is not often considered among the top holiday destinations. The country is overs

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Uganda is the pearl of Africa and many people have travelled to this beautiful less known country in the heart of Africa. Located


4. Unique Culture and Hospitable People

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Well, deciding to top Uganda on your travel list it’s because certain experiences expecting to see. But Uganda means nature and ev

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Regular readers of this blog will know that last year I spent four months living and working in Kampala, Uganda. During that time


How We Did Our Two-Week Uganda Itinerary

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You can choose to stay the night here and head of early in the morning like I did. I had started my early morning off with fresh p

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I was bitten. I had to get the map out right away and see where Uganda was. Uganda is bordered by five countries, all of which hav


The Uganda Self Drive Itinerary Map

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. have been the best thing you will be searching for in an attempt to explore the traveling destinations of the city named Entebb

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Uganda, one of the poorest countries, is NOT cheap… IF you live and move in the “tourist bubble”. That is difficult to avoid when


Reduce Costs?

Splurge At Reasonable Costs?

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Aside from the fact that I wasn’t particularly impressed with the standard of accommodation at Red Chilli Hideaway in Kampala (alt

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. for the first two nights after we arrived in Uganda, and we were so impressed with the place that we returned for two nights at

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I’ve stayed in hotels near the UN Support Base which have been okay and close to the places I wanted to go. One is the Hidden Trea

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Without stunning accommodation, a safari in Uganda is never complete. Uganda comprises of wide range of accommodation facilities r

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