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"Breckenridge is also a great place for the casual winter traveler."myfamilytravels.com
"Breckenridge is a special place and most certainly worth a visit if you're heading to Colorado or just looking for one of the best winter weekend getaways."apassionandapassport.com
"Breckenridge is home to several storefronts that feature bookstores, jewelry, antiques, and the like."carpe-travel.com
"Breckenridge is the place to be in the US if you love skiing."myfamilytravels.com
"Breckenridge is certainly known for skiing, after all, it has been named one of America's favorite ski resorts."carpe-travel.com
"Breckenridge is still reclaiming valley lands from the slag heaps left by dredging, with an eye on future housing and reestablishment of natural river ecology."travelpast50.com

Middle United States

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Breckenridge is a village (United States). Breckenridge is in the center of United States (plan United States itineraries). Denver is the name of the nearest neighbour city.

Things to do

If you love the outdoors and want to surround yourself with some incredible scenery, grab your four season tent and zero degree ba

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Breckenridge, Colorado is one of our favorites. Yes, Breckenridge is a top ski town in Colorado, but in the summer, it really shin


Top Things to Do in Breckenridge in the Summer

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Breckenridge, Colorado is usually seen as something of a winter destination. There are so many beautiful sights to see on outdoor

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Eat & drink

Situated right on the outskirts of the main downtown strip is an adorable little caffeine refill station called the Coffee Depot .

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Towards the end of January people from around the world come together to compete at making snow sculptures. Just like the World Ch

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This takes you around the residential areas of Silverthorne. You can use this to through hike Ptarmigan Mountain from Dillon and e

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During our recent spring ski, Riley and I went with a group of 6 other people for a total of 8 staying in the Airbnb we rented. It

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Tip: Keystone is for downhilling. Don’t make the same mistake me did. Take the ski lift up ...

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Want to take your outdoor experience from good to epic? Get into the wilderness by staying at a backcountry hut accessed by snowsh

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