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"In Juneau it rains for months."tripwellness.com
"Juneau is perhaps the most remote capital city in the United States."travelnotesandbeyond.com
"Juneau is the place to enjoy some good seafood restaurants."tattlingtourist.com
"Juneau is the place to visit."foreverkaren.com
"Juneau is nestled on the coast near Mt Roberts."handluggageonly.co.uk
"Juneau is the only American capital city that is only accessible by air and sea."goworldtravel.com

North United States

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2-3 nights


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Around Juneau


Juneau International Airport (JNU)

Hoonah Airport (HNH)

Excursion Inlet Seaplane Base (EXI)

Tenakee Seaplane Base (TKE)

About Juneau

in the country United States (United States in detail) Juneau has over 2,692 people. And also, Juneau is located in northeast United States. Juneau is located by the sea and so you can enjoy the beautiful views over the sea at Juneau. And also, the nearest big city is Petersburg.

Things to do

The picturesque city of Juneau, Alaska is set against the backdrop of Mount Juneau and across the bay from Douglas Island. Most wh


The Helicopter Flight

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, including the one my family took in the summer of 2019. It is the only capital city inaccessible from a highway. Juneau is busy


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. was state’s capital, Juneau. Situated on the Gastineau Channel in the Alaskan panhandle, this city was the b

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Eat & drink

After sipping our wake-up juice, while watching the fish jump at Juneau’s waterfront, we make our way to the Fisherme

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As you can imagine, Juneau has many restaurants that serve up a bounty of seafood. We had some really great meals during our visit

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With all of the wildlife sightings and incredibly beautiful scenery, Juneau was by far our favorite Alaska cruise port. This place

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. hosting us. While we were hosted at no charge, we received no payment for this post, and this post is Tom’s and my honest opinion. ...

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ATTRACTIONS: Costs vary. Museums charge around $7 per person for entrance. The real cost of travel to Alaska is sightseeing tours,

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Now that you know that there are so many more things to do in the Hershey Harrisburg area, you’ll need a place to stay. Here are s

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, which we thought was a good midrange option, within walking distance of most points of interest in downtown Juneau, and had plen

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