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"Los Angeles is a large, sprawling city that is best known for being the center of the country's film and television industry."independenttravelcats.com
"Los Angeles is a foodie's dream, and it's hard to eat at all the must-try places in one weekend."powercouplelife.com
"Los Angeles is one of the best summer destinations in the US."everydaywanderer.com
"Los Angeles is home to a large percentage of Mexican immigrants and with them come strong influences over our food and culture."llworldtour.com
"Los Angeles is the third most expensive city in the U."passportandplates.com
"Los Angeles is a vibe more than a destination with a mixture of hipster, Hispanic and hippy."arzotravels.com

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About Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a world city in United States with over 3,971,883 people. And also, this world city is in the east of United States (visit United States itineraries). It is a very green city with a lot of nature. And also, the nearest big city is Santa Barbara.

Things to do

I love showcasing to the world the best Los Angeles has to offer. This time I have poured my soul into this detailed article with things to do in Downtown Los Angeles. Are you up for the ride? Join me in discovering how to tackle one of the hottest areas of the city. Its Downtown is not the exception.


Peruse a Farmers Market

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There’s no doubt that Los Angeles gets a bad rap, mostly from people who have spent a weekend in the city and the majority of their time in Hollywood. The city can be a headache to get around due to its lacks of efficient public transit and notorious traffic jams, but the City of Stars is magical in its own right.


The Original Farmers Market

100+ Best Things to Do in Los Angeles, California

Joshua Tree National Park

Santa Barbara

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Across the street from The Broad, we have the Walt Disney Concert Hall. You’ve probably seen this awesome architectural feat right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles multiple times while driving by. Still, I would recommend getting out of the car, walking around, taking a tour of the concert hall, and ..

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Spending a couple of days in Los Angeles? Because of that, I have compiled an exciting list of things to do in Chinatown! In a city as big and diverse as Los Angeles, multiple Chinese enclaves exist. Nowadays, the opening of new restaurants/galleries, the celebration of special events and ..

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Eat & drink

Los Angeles is a huge city, and you can really strive to understand it the first time you go there but if you like complex things you cannot help but love the city of blinding lights. Long beaches, a lot of traffic, luxurious houses, glitz and also a nice little trash masked with chic are Los Angeles’ distinguishing ...


Where to eat street food in Los Angeles

Connie and Ted’s Seafood

Where to eat sushi in Los Angeles

Where to eat donuts in Los Angeles

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While living in Westwood, Los Angeles, I had a great time exploring what the city has to offer including the best of LA by night . My first impression, though, was that of a dirty, chaotic, snob city…at the end of the year I didn’t want to leave anymore. So, where to eat in Los Angeles with such a vast choice? I ...

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CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles with Kids – Take a sip of a cool fruit smoothie, your feet buried in warm golden sand. As you watch your children make sand castles, thoughts of your afternoon plans sleepily buzz in your head. It’s all possible when you visit Los Angeles with kids. Play the rest of your day by ear, you know, ...

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Don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. This was noted on my ‘how to get and stay healthy ‘ post. There are Los Angeles hotels to suit every budget and taste. You’ll want to choose wisely for a nice Los Angeles hotel ...


Cafe Gratitude

M Cafe

Real Food Daily

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The bike bath on the Venice board walk is one of the many things to see in Los Angeles. Los Angeles – our recent visit had me reminiscing about various places in this metropolis. You know that saying, you can’t go home again? Well, we went back to Los Angeles, a place l called home for twenty years...

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It may be nicknamed the City of Angels, but this trendy metropolis is more known for its A-listers and fashion. If you’re headed to this fun West Coast city, see our tips for what to pack for Los Angeles year-round. The City of Angels may be filled with more hipsters, vegans, and ..

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I put together a website containing information for teens about how to combat hatred and insensitivity when they encounter it. My project was inspired by an experience I personally had last summer. At an academic program I was attending, a couple of people in my group were using antisemitic language and symbols.


Project: Museum Impact

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Southern California is synonymous with beaches. Many tourists are surprised to learn that the water is often too cold for all but the craziest surfers and swimmers. Yet, from Redondo to Venice to Newport Beach, beach culture defines the lifestyle of coastal Los ...

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Many things have been said about Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the largest city in California and one of the world’s cultural, economic, and entertainment hubs. Also, there are 4 million people living in Los Angeles, so you will find a fusion of cultures that range from local, to Chinese, Japanese, Hindu, Latin, etc.

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1 HOW TO SPEND 3 DAYS IN LOS ANGELES - 1.1 Travel Tips For Your 3 Days in LA When it comes to how to spend 3 days in Los Angeles, there are many, many choices. But in this 3-day Los Angeles itinerary, I will try to narrow it down to the must-see destinations. ...


Conclusion: 3 Days in Los Angeles Itinerary

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Planning 2 days in Los Angeles and don’t have that much time? Want to see all the Los Angeles has to offer in only a weekend? Don’t let the limited time stop you from having the best Los Angeles trip that you can. This 2 days in Los Angeles itinerary is sure to help you see all that Los Angeles has to offer.

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As a 15+ year resident, I have created an amazing Los Angeles itinerary for first-time and returning visitors. I decided to put all my ideas and notes together since I have been showing friends around for a long time. I am called back when they return to the city. So, I assume they enjoyed the places I shared with ...


Los Angeles Itinerary Day 4 – Malibu

Los Angeles Itinerary Day 2 – Beverly Hills / Hollywood

Los Angeles Itinerary Day 3 – Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles Itinerary Day 1 – Santa Monica / Venice Beach

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. girl in denim skort and black hat standing in front of the colourful wall in Grand Central Market girl in denim skort and black hat standing in front of the colourful wall in Grand Central Market ...

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Technically, the first weeks of December are part of the fall season. ...

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They say if you want to escape the ordinary, stay at the Petit Ermitage. It’s unlike any hotel you have ever experienced. ...

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Life jackets are provided for little ones who can’t yet swim properly too. ...

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– Hip, upscale hotel dating located along the Hollywood Walk of Fame from $250pn ...

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LA is massive and so it's good to have an idea of the different regions in Los Angeles before you book your accommodation. Now there are literally dozens of areas in the whole of Los Angeles so the below is a rough sketch of some greater regions. ...

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Beaches, Hollywood and Disneyland are just a few of the reasons why Los Angeles is such a popular family vacation destination. Museums, such as the California Science Centre with the Space Shuttle Endeavour, top the list for many families. Kids can learn about astronauts and marine life here. Admission is free.


Staybridge Suites Torrance Hotel

Where to stay in Los Angeles with kids

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These are the best hotels in Los Angeles California split into the most popular vacation neighborhoods in LA: ...


3-Star Hotels near LAX

Hotels near Santa Monica

5 Star Hotels

Hotel Figueroa

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