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"Philadelphia is home to the famous Philly cheesesteak but there are plenty of other food items to see and enjoy."amateurtraveler.com
"Philadelphia (more about Philadelphia) is a city rich with culture and history, and any time spent downtown will make that abundantly clear."gobackpacking.com
"Philadelphia is a city known for its importance in American history, its delicious food, and its many great museums."uncoveringpa.com
"Philadelphia (visit Philadelphia itineraries) is a food and drink mainstay in the U."acouplefortheroad.com
"Philadelphia (see itineraries) is a fun, vibrant city and is full of history."calculatedtraveller.com
"Philadelphia (visit Philadelphia itineraries) is packed full of history and culture."nodestinations.com

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About Philadelphia

in United States Philadelphia has a population of over 1,567,442. Philadelphia is known for historic relevant locations. This big city is in the west of United States. Philadelphia offers you the possibility to relax next to by a river.

Things to do

But my trip was not just about seeing Philly’s number one attraction. Philly was no exception – I was surprised at the number of murals that covered the sides of seemingly unfinished buildings. You can do the gardens on your own or as part of a South Philly tour What was once an ugly, empty block on South Street has ...

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. to give us some insight on the best things to do in Philadelphia. Enjoy, and let me know if you have any more items to add to this list of things to do in Philadelphia. I developed my nomad spirit while living in Philadelphia for four years. And let me tell you, there are just so many things to do in Philadelphia (Philadelphia in detail) it ...


Additional things to do in Philadelphia if you’ve got even more time:

Looking for things to do in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?! You’ve come to the right place!

Is anyone planning a trip to Philly soon?! Any of these things to do in Philadelphia tickle your fancy?!

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Life is short, so let’s start with my favorite sweet for any time – donuts! As you would expect Philly food options include several places that are well-known for their versions of the heavenly holy treat. ...


Other Fishtown Fun

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Looking for the best cheesesteak places in Philly? Look no further - here are the top 3! Looking for the best cheesesteak places in Philly? Look no further - here are the top 3! ...

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Eat & drink

When people think about food in Philly, they usually only think about cheesesteaks… or Philadelphia cream cheese if they’re European. This is really disappointing since Philly restaurants have a lot more to offer than just boring old cheesesteaks. I am more than OK with paying for a $15 cheeseburger if this is what ...


Favorite Restaurant for Foodies

Favorite Cuban Food:

Favorite Restaurant to People Watch:

Favorite Trendy Restaurant:

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, but you have nothing on Philly when it comes to Southeast Asian food. In fact, when it comes to variety, neither does any other city or town in the northeast. All of the places on the list are BYOB. They have some uniquely Southeast Asian drinks as well, including their durain smoothie and ..


Vientiane Cafe

Southeast Asian Food in Philly

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Former Art Deco bank and brokerage firm now a Stephen Starr restaurant in Philly PA Former Art Deco bank and brokerage firm now a Stephen Starr restaurant in Philly PA Want to eat your way through Haunted Philadelphia? Include this restaurant featured in The Sixth ...

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Any discussion of Philadelphia food has to include certain iconic items. We’re pretty sure that fist fights may have erupted over who has the best Philly cheesesteak. Philly food also offers a unique twiston a favorite snack like the soft pretzel. Whether you want to try Italian “water ice” or grab a ...


Ethnic Eats

Breakfast & Brunch

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Some of my favorite Philly experiences happened in the final evening after the 24 hours was up, so I’ll include them here: ...

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Funky Kimpton Hotel - the Monaco - uses a collection of Chinese calligraphy brushes as design element at reception Funky Kimpton Hotel - the Monaco (visit Monaco itineraries) - uses a collection of Chinese calligraphy brushes as design element at reception ...

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Traveling with Sue is like having a separate set of tastebuds that dance to a German beat. Soft pretzels from Bavaria have their own special place of honor. But we were thrilled to learn that the soft pretzels in Philadelphia (see itineraries) also occupy a unique place in the hearts of Philly food lovers.


Philly Style Bagels

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