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"Tashkent is not exactly my cup of tea as but it is still a good place to see Uzbekistan proper metropolitan."bucketlistly.blog
"Tashkent is the first stopover of almost all travelers who decide to visit Uzbekistan."beenaroundtheglobe.com
"Tashkent is a big sprawling city and the best way to get around is by metro."carlysadventuresafar.com
"Tashkent is an ex-Soviet city in Central Asia with a history of destruction and re-building multiple times, from both foreign conquerors and earthquakes."migrationology.com
"Tashkent is an amazing city to walk around, so green and clean, with huge wide open spaces and sidewalks."migrationology.com
"Tashkent is a rather underwhelming introduction to Uzbekistan."lostwithpurpose.com

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Tashkent is a big city in Uzbekistan with 2,309,600 people. Furthermore, Tashkent fits perfect for a cultural trip. Tashkent is the famous capital of Uzbekistan. Furthermore, the nearest neighbour city of Tashkent is Angren. Tashkent is located in the center of Uzbekistan (plan Uzbekistan itineraries).

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Tashkent is the first stopover of almost all travelers who decide to visit Uzbekistan. Because English hasn’t infiltrated all the different areas in the world. Very few people speak English in Uzbekistan and in Central Asia Anyway, this area is really a crossroads between Asia, Russia and the Middle East.


Other things to do in Tashkent

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. will end up in Tashkent. It is a necessary stop on the way to Kazakhstan, it has a major airport and it is unavoidable if you want to see the Fergana Valley. And while it is true that there isn’t much to do in Tashkent, we quickly found out that there is enough to keep you occupied for a day or two.

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The paths that the caravans of the Silk Road once took through Uzbekistan (see itineraries) are still quite easy to identify. These cities – like Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva – are now some of the highlights for visitors to the country, offering a chance to see the heritage of the Silk Road days for themselves.


Things to do in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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It’s also the most populous city in the Central Asian countries that made up the Soviet Union. It was named the capital of Russian Turkestan and later became part of the Soviet Union in 1925. Today, Tashkent is the most modern city in Uzbekistan. It’s also very well-connected, thanks in part to its international ...

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Eat & drink

We simply dropped by at some of the local eating places that the locals were eating at. This usually indicates that the establishment at least has some decent food and normally at local prices. Also, we were keen to try typical Uzbek cuisine made by locals, for locals. You can’t really go wrong if you order the main ...

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If you want to learn more about WHAT to eat in Uzbekistan, check out my bumper guide to the 16 Uzbek dishes you must try ...

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The Chorsu Bazaar is Tashkent’s biggest market where locals can buy anything from raw food products, fresh fruits and veggies, honey and spices to clothing, jewelry, beauty products and more. You can just find everything here! ...

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We're not joking. Because Tashkent was virtually razed to the ground during a 1966 earthquake, it was almost entirely rebuilt in the Soviet aesthetic. Although this eventually becomes tough on the eyes, look up, down and around for Soviet style government buildings, apartments, monuments, parks, and traffic dividers.

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Hier zijn enkele handige apps die je kan installeren voor je naar Oezbekistan vertrekt: ...

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The Muyi Mubarak Library may be just a small building behind the Hazrat Imam Mosque, but go inside and you’ll find the Uthman Koran on display. ...

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Most international flights arrive in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. Here are some flight duration times to give you an idea of how long it may take you to get there: ...


Taskent Metro Costs

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. and would happily recommend it. The hotel is in a historic building, one which survived the earthquake and has been designated part of the city’s cultural heritage. It’s a really grand building in an amazing location, right in the city centre. Service was amazing, the food was great, and ..

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Nukus: There are only a handful real options in town. Hotel Nukus was the better alternative during our visit. $10/person. Just watch out for drunk “senators” hanging outside in the evening. Find a hotel in Nukus ...

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Statue of Amir Timur, in the Amir Timur park. You can see the hotel Uzbekistan in the background ...

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The most obvious sight is the Hotel Uzbekistan, the enormous accommodation with the distinctive facade. For better or worse, it’s become one of the most recognisable landmarks in the city. ...

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