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. for the first time with kids in tow, you might want to consider putting Zimbabwe on top of your list for the first country to v

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If you want to travel the world for almost free I recommend the Orbitz Visa Reward Card and start knocking those cool bucket list


13. Barbados – Bucketlist Destinations

8. Exuma, Bahamas – Bucketlist Destinations

14. Anguilla – Bucketlist Destinations

6. Sicily – Bucketlist Destinations

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If you are traveling to Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls or go on safari, you absolutely must visit Wild is Life Driving in, I could


Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery– the best thing to do in Harare

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Eat & drink

Birds were already chirping when I stepped onto the balcony with the sky lightening to blue. For a moment I hesitated before headi

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Since ZEN’s ultimate goal is to release rehabilitated elephants back to the wild, integrating the youngsters with the elephant fam

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Unfortunately outside of the big hotels the food in Zimbabwe is one thing: sadzas

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Worth to visit

Where to start? If you love adventure, wildlife, ancient history, stunning landscapes, variety, and hanging out with friendly loca

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Have you ever been confronted by street hawkers trying to sell you stuff? Have you ever been chased down the street by said hawker

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In the famous words of Ned Stark: WINTER IS COMING! So I thought this would be the perfect time to highlight some winter destinati


Activity that should have made the list: Hang Gliding

Beyond Arctic Photography Expeditions

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In July 2012, after travelling 5.700 kilometers in three weeks in cars, boats and even a canoe, we got a bit of a feel what Zimbab

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Guide to Backpacking in Zimbabwe: Route, costs and general tips! Spot the big five in South Africa! However, even before getting t


Backpacking costs in Zimbabwe

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They made us a fire and heated the water for the shower. The forest ranges from 900 to 1,200 meters above sea level and has an are

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. and what seems like a lot of the white travel writers out there. ...

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This should depend heavily on what activities you plan on doing. If you don’t plan on doing the microlight flight and/or Devil’s p


Where to Stay in Nusa Lembongan

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The Elephant Hills Hotel featured several large swimming pools. During the day bar service was available around the pool area. No

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